The Irish press this Friday found the defeat of France very good news. After the painful defeat for the Blues against Mexico, which has virtually eliminated from the World Cup, the press has done well entertained. Irish Times, for example, said: “France has given up his chances of qualifying without actually engaging in combat.”

The conclusion of his text even said that “this is all that France deserved. “Irish Independent has also led to say:” Raymond Domenech’s team has never been up the game and faces a second early exit after a disastrous Euro 2008 (…).

Despite all the talent he has at his disposal, his team has gone backwards, the victim of rumors, tensions and lack of cohesion. ”

Remember that the Irish were not at all happy with the qualification of Blues to the World Cup. The cold comes in the shape of Thierry Henry, later became controversial, but was able to bring France in the world cup.