Okay so there’s this boy who’s been picking on me since the beginning of the school year, pushing me around, calling me names, spreading rumors, etc. And I’ve been able to handle it pretty well until he got his friends in on it and now whenever he’s around me they like to be jerks to me too (laughing at all his rude jokes, making jerky comments, etc.)
Today I went to an info meeting about playing football next year (I played in fifth and sixth grade and loved it, was a wide receiver) and the jackwad starts calling me Miss America and tomboy sl*t and all this stuff and his friends are practically peeing their pants laughing. i was so humiliated it took every fiber of my common sense not to flying-tackle him and knock his teeth out.
He likes to grin and wink at me and mouth rude words at me. He’s mean to other people but not this mean. I’m sick of him and i want to know why can’t he quit picking on me?