Not too many Indians noticed but Imran Khan loves to say after most Pakistani victories that India allways chokes, or India does not handle pressure well, etc ….that kind of thing. Note, he does not say all this before a match as gamesmanship, but after a vicory, and unlike him, most Indians have been mature in their statements.
You see, Pakhtunistan lies on the ancient silk route and its Pathans are of lots of mixed Greek and Central Asian blood and very good looking. At the same time Pathans are a community of low IQ dopes who can only live a life of tribalism, negetive religion, vengeance.
The problem here is that people look at Imrans looks and get swayed away, and listen to a lot of silly stuff he speaks. Now the same people should ask him, does he have any wise comments about yesterdays match – or Pakistans 5 losses in a row to India in the world cup ?
What do you have to say about this Khan circus performer ?