I am a freshman this year, so I’ll be a sophomore next year. I am currently 5’8.5″ and 135 lbs. This year, I didn’t do any sports other than baseball, and I want to join another one next year.
The problem is, my mom is a little strict. Since I was in Calculus II this year as a freshman, I have to be on the math team which is in the winter. This interferes with me joining basketball, which I WOULD want to do. So I can only join another sport in the fall.
I wanted to do football, but my mom is convinced that it is way to dangerous after listening to all the concussion stories. “there’s no point in playing football if you aren’t going to go anywhere with it.” Then, all there is left is boy’s soccer, and I haven’t played soccer since I was 10. I have no clue how to play.
What should I do though? I don’t wanna sit around bored again :(