Last season Portuguese teams struggled in the groupstage of the Champions, and no Portuguese teams qualified for the knock-out rounds of the Champions League, yet the Portuguese league was ”best in Europe” according to their ranking system. I am complaining, because the system is not fair. It’s a flawed system, and I can’t believe they aren’t doing anything to adjust it. How in hell are they giving the same points for a victory in EL as in the CL. THere is a world apart between the quality of those competition. I am sick of it. CL victories should be given at least twice as many points as in the EL. Teams in CL and EL are given the same amount of points for a victory, draw, and progression to the next rounds. This is not accurate. The EL is much easier to win than to win Champions League. ”DUUHHH”…how stupid is this ranking system? THis season alone, Portugal have got as much points as Italy, despite the latter having 3 teams in the round of 16 in CHampions League and possible also 3 teams progressing to the quarterfinals of the same competition. what u think?