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First World Cup for spain

They kissed and hugged and held high the golden trophy for all of Soccer City and Africa and the world to see. The exhaustion was gone now for Spain’s players, replaced by the exhilaration of winning the World Cup at long, long last.

A testy and often dirty match was won by Andres Iniesta’s goal late in extra time Sunday night. The 1-0 victory over the Netherlands before a shivering crowd at Soccer City Stadium gave Spain its first World Cup, and put the European champion Spaniards in elite company.

“I remember (Italy captain Fabio) Cannavaro told me that being world champion doesn’t happen every day,” captain Iker Casillas said. “This really is quite a cup. The European Championship was the most important moment of our lives, but today is much bigger than anything else.”

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England laments – worldcup 2010

Nobody does criticism better than The Sun. ‘Build em’ up to knock em’ down’ is the classic mentality of the British tabloids. It is difficult to imagine it was only two days since Gerrard, Rooney et al were being held up as lions and St George’s flags were hanging out of windows and cars up and down the land.

The bunting has been well and truly taken down as England prepared to fly back into London this morning to what The Sun predicts will be a “frosty reception”.

“Sunny outlook in many areas but depression over Heathrow as shower drifts in from South Africa”, booms out the headlines from the front page of The Sun. “Lost It” says the backpage as former England striker Alan Shearer wades into the melee with as much menace as in his days totting up goals.

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Germany England goal Crossbar

Italy Slovakia [2:3]

Italia is out world cup!! Watch Slovakia first goal by Robert Fink :

Watch USA goal VS algeria world cup 2010 donovan goal

Watch England Slovenia defoe jermaine goal :

Watch Raymond Domenech refuses to shake South Africa manager’s hand!!!

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