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With new talents coming up Like
Marco Verratti
El Shaarawy
De Sciglio
What should be our new formation and playing technique ?

Definitely. Hes young and looks promising and I bet he will do great with Brazil. Brazil’s 2014 WC squad will be filled with lots of young talent with high potential

I really like him, he has a great track record. He was great with Milan, winning multiple Champions Leagues. I think he, or Joachim Low would be great replacements. I doubt Low will quit Germany before 2014 World Cup though. There has been lots of talks about Arsene Wenger, but I have never been a real fan of him, same with Rafa Benitez.

Here are the teams that qualified:
Brazil CONMEBOL 2014 FIFA World Cup host 30 October 2007 7th
Spain UEFA 2010 FIFA World Cup winner 11 July 2010 2nd
Japan AFC 2011 AFC Asian Cup winner 29 January 2011 5th
Mexico CONCACAF 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup winner 25 June 2011 6th
Uruguay CONMEBOL 2011 Copa América winner 24 July 2011 2nd
Tahiti OFC 2012 OFC Nations Cup winner 10 June 2012 1st
Italy UEFA UEFA Euro 2012 runners-up1 28 June 2012 2nd
Nigeria CAF 2013 Africa Cup of Nations winner 10 February 2013 2nd

If England Won The World Cup?

Hypothetically speaking, if England won the world cup, what would the world be like the next day?
How would the british media, fans, etc take it?

Sepp Blatter has been disturbed by all of the drug busts that are occurring in Operacion Puerto, the Spanish doping trial, and has doubts on whether football is clean. As a result, he has asked WADA to integrate the “Biological Passport” method of drug testing into football.
This method will make its first appearance at the Confederations Cup this summer and is to be used at the World Cup in 2014.
This is the most high-tech anti-doping protocol that science has produced, and was the test that gave Lance Armstrong a positive for EPO after years of negative results.
Spain’s winning days are over gentlemen.………

Sepp Blatter finally got his head together!

Mfs: Do You Like Gus Johnson?

Cause if you do then good news for you. Cause he is going to do 2014 World Cup commentary. He is much better than the guys from the 2010 WC. Gus Johnson is a great sports commentator especially when it comes up to basketball, but he will adapt fast cause he learned boxing really quickly, and did somewhat ok with MMA, and now soccer his newest challenge. He will rule soccer commentary. If Gus Johnson would commentate on watching paint dry, he would make you want to see the paint dry.
BQ: Who has the most soothing voice? I gotta say its Morgan Freeman. He can talk about anything and I would listen.

Hi Nitesh, LG WRman Sherlock here,
The simple answer to this question is not at present. Japan is the first country who’s gearing up to provide FIFA World Cup 2014 in 4K resolution, and the strategy behind it is to use the existing communication satellites to accommodate the 4K transmission bandwidth. In general, this is the most feasible approach while upgrading the existing terrestrial networks side by side so that they are able enough to handle 4K broadcasting in the later stages.
Hope this answers your query!
LG WRman Sherlock out!

I’ve been thinking about it and, say if Barça/Real/City/PSG/United etc. came with a multimillion dollar offer Dortmund accepts, should he leave to a “better club”? Borussia are no underdogs, having stolen the Bundesliga twice in a row now from bayern and a Deusher Pokal in 2011, but some people belive Götze could achieve bigger, bolder things with a Liga/Prem side. what do you think?

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