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i really want one before wc qualification

Problem In My Lowerback For Running?

So I have been running for two years now or so, before that I played soccer. I never had any problems with bones or muscles and I always stretch out, recover, exercise the weak areas etc. However Lately I’ve been feeling some intense pain in my lower back while going out for short runs. However this pain goes away on more intense workouts, but it appears during long races. I’m not sure what may have caused this, but I do rerember a football game I had half a year ago where I tackled someone and I heard a loud crack behind me. I think it may have been my back. could it be possible that this pain doesnt appear until half a year later?

The number of appearances someone has for a team. For example, David Beckham has 81 caps for LA Galaxy.

Poll: What’s Your Favourite Sport?

Mine is football(soccer) and basketball

okay so they call soccer football in england but what do they call american football?

Okay well my boyfriend and i are long distance he lives in Nevada and i in Colorado. He recently graduated high school and i want to make him a gift. I’m thinking a fleece tie blanket of his favorite sports team which is the Chelsea football team( soccer) And there colors are royal blue and white, but how to i put there mascot on there? Their mascot is the Stamford Lion ha. I could really use your help with ideas or anything like that, that i can send him:) Thank you for your time!:)

How Do I Make Friends In Pe?

I already suck at making friends, but PE is by far the hardest class to make friends in. In PE we’re always doing something, whether it be running, or the teacher explaining something, or us playing flag football, soccer, or any kind of sport. How do you approach someone in PE without it being awkward? Also, when is a good time to approach people in PE?

I am transferring as a junior this fall to a 4-year university from a CC and I am in a pretty serious situation right now where I am still unable to find out what to major in. I really don’t know what to major in, seriously. There’s nothing in particular that I’m good at. People always tell me, “Oh you have to be good at SOMETHING” but guess what? Literally, I’m not good at ANYTHING. I’m bad at math and just terrible with numbers in general. I’m bad with computers and technology stuff. I’m awful at drawing/art. So what should I major in? I want to major in something where after I graduate with a degree in that major, I can easily find a job without struggle. Although there’s nothing I’m really good at, I’m really interested in sports in general. Not playing sports but I like reading sports articles about anything: basketball, football, soccer, golf, whatever and giving my opinion. Please help me

Soccer/football Academies In Chicago?

im talking about professional team academies. there are only two i know of in Chicago Olympiacos and West Ham united. is there any others? do you know of a website to help me out? i am looking for an Serie A team but anything is helpful thanks!

My Story, The Story Of A Loner?

You don’t have to answer, do if you want but I am just writing this story for fun, make what ever the f*** you wanna make of it, I couldn’t give less of a f***.
I’ll give my life as a good example of what a loner is and what it is like being a lone and how one can end up as a loner. Mostly doing this just to help me feel better but read if you want if it’s uninteresting then fine I respect your opinion. I myself am a loner. It all started when I was 5 years old trying to make friend but failed as was told no body likes me and to “f*** off” by the people I was just trying to be friends with. Since I couldn’t make friends I would be forced to spend all my time with myself and my own imagination as a child. At 12 I got popular in school for a while and made some school friends but they lived too far away to be hanging with regularly. Then I thought maybe life is getting better I was star player on my football team and was getting more popular and suddenly had people knocking on my door to ask me to go out and hang. I would go out with them and just ‘be myself’ like the cliche told me but they then stopped knocking for me. I had another chance for friends at 14 but similar thing happened, I hung out with them and actually managed to be out regularly socialising with them for few months but then for whatever reason they also stopped knocking for me and I don’t know why as I was just trying to be me but be ‘sound’ (as in a decent person) as well. I obviously failed miserably again. The only friends I had then were all in school and I’d never tell the people in school I had no friends at home because I knew they’d look down on me for it. My very best friend in school I then even lost all contact with after he moved away and with school over I moved into college were I do have people I talk to and hang out with at lunch and sometimes go out with when there’s a chance but I have been left to force my self into being confident and I have so much to hide and not let my college friends find out because they’ll see me as a loser then. If they found out for example that I have no friends at home or or I’m a ‘frigid’(one who has never been kissed by anyone) they’ll lose all respect for me =(. This kills me inside. All I do when I am at home now a days is hang by myself I like to play games and have grown an obsession of watching and learning football/soccer. I never hide my passion for my favourite team one aren’t even a particular good one, and so people knock me down for that too, but f*** em.
I always keep my self to my self now and am just trying to march on and march on by myself without the need for anybody else. As long as I believe, I’ll find a way, right? My advise for fellow loners, don’t pay attention to the dozen people who look down on you, stay true to yourself, get a good education or something you can work well with, and try not to worry what others think, you are unique and, even if it sounds corny, you are beautiful. Have a great life everyone, peace to you all!.

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