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How is it possible that Finland, Sweden and Denmark have 1 more team in european league in football than they should have according to the ranking?

Domestically they’ve been outstanding, but internationally?
Two lucky UEFA Champions League victories, and millions of millions of glory hunters!
Is this the definition of SUCCESS?

How Overrated Is Gareth Bale?

Before I start to make my point, I am a fan of him, not a hater!
When Cristiano Ronaldo was sold to Real Madrid he won the UEFA Champions League, the Premier League, the League Cup, the FIFA Club World Cup etc.
What has Gareth Bale done?
You could argue that he plays for an inferior team which is true, but Gareth Bale has been gradually improving in the last FOUR seasons…he is not as good as Cristiano Ronaldo was at this age.
There was one idiot today claiming that he was better than the two times winning World Cup LeGend Ronaldo and also a superior player to Zinedine Zidane, have you all lost the plot now?
I wish him all the best at Real Madrid but it is crazy that the transfer record is being broken for a guy who has had only ONE amazing season.
£40 million not more, not less!
How much do you value him?
***Considering that AS Monaco and PSG purchased Falcao and Cavani for £50/53 million respectively one could argue that he is worth equally if not more, so £50 million!

I’ve noticed 68 tournaments that can be played on FIFA 13 for iPad. These are all national club competitions. What I want to know is, on the iPad version of FIFA 13, can you play tournaments like The World Cup, Euro Cup, and UEFA Club Competitions? If so, how do you access them?

You watching this game?

And by Football I mean Soccer

Okay that sounds very bandwagon like but I’ll explain. I’m american and live in the US, and am a huge college football and basketball fan and played those sports. (I’m 17 btw) and all my friends play soccer and watch it, and it has really made me want to get into it, and I have already watched a good amount of games with them in the last couple years. Also I have been playing FIFA haha.
Anyways everyone always roots for barcelona or someone like that, but I have german heritage and want to root for a german team even though I do like arensal in the premier league. I like Dortmund, but it seems like they keep getting their players stolen from bayern, (lewandowski next..). I guess the delima is that I like that Dortmund is a great team but at the same time isn’t mainstream, but I want to see them be competitive when they play other great teams in UEFA that my friends cheer for. Any thoughts? will Dortmund just fade quickly, should I just root for munich because not many americans do and they will always be good?

So Liverpool were right after all.They are under no obligations to sell to Arsenal.The clause states that Liverpool must accept bids in the 40 million margin from Uefacl clubs only.At this point in time Arsenal are yet to win the qualifier to enter UEFA CL with the second played being played on Aug 27th !
We can’t see the transfer happening before this date sadly.

only in South America?

According to UEFA it is 7.

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