These are two sports you can’t compare to each other. They are completely different. Football focuses more on brawn and aggressiveness, while soccer focuses more on speed and agility. Football is full contact. Soccer is no contact. Is one sport better than the other? It depends on who you ask. I like them both. I was born in Scotland and lived there until 4 years ago, when I moved to America. Ive had a taste of both sports. I played them both at my middle school, and I’m going to play them next year at high school. So I have a neutral position in this argument.
If an nfl team played a “soccer” match against any Professional “soccer” team, they would lose 20-0. If any pro soccer team played an American football game against any nfl team, they would lose 140-0. That’s just how it is. how can you compare two sports that are so utterly different? Is cursing at people on the Internet going to change their opinions? Or by yelling at a single American, all Americans wills suddenly love soccer more than football? No. So stop. If you guys want togo yell at each other, go to some chat room or something. Not a Q and A website. Lol