Hi :D so this year the olympics are coming to London, and my P.E teachers had this bright idea of having an `olympic themed` sports day. They announced that we all have to do 5 SPORTS EACH. we don’t get to choose the either, we have to do a 100m, 800m, high jump, shotput and discus. I am terrible at running, i am the worst in my class, i always lag FAR behind the others and get tired out from just doing half of the 100m. I know it sounds pathetic, but i have inherited none of my parents talents for athletics, it’s not that im lazy, i honestly try my hardest in every lesson i just can’t seem to do it. As for high jump, i resemble somewhat of a retarded seal. I have tried talking to my parents about it but they say that it is not optional, i HAVE to do it and i am not getting the day off. i know other kids will get the day off though and i’m not that good a liar to say i have hurt my leg or something :( so can somebody please help me, please no hateful comments and please don’t say just go because it’s only 1 day!