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Also what do you think the future holds for them?
Jonathan Viera
hugo mallo

My 14 year son and I think he’s old enough to play the m rated video game. My overprotective wife thinks he’s too young. I need your help!

The Greeks have banned an athlete…ruining her life,for one Twitter comment on right wing politics…and black immigrants?
Is this heavy handed?
Greek triple jumper Paraskevi Papachristou was withdrawn from the London Olympic Games on Wednesday after causing an uproar at home for tweeting what was seen as a racist slur, the head of the Greek Olympics team said.
Papachristou’s tweet prompted calls from political parties to cancel her participation for tweeting the offending message.
She made a point of view/comment/joke that was less than positive to Africans
“W………………………………… !!!” she had posted on her Twitter account.
The head of the Greek Olympic mission said she had violated Olympic values and could no longer be on the team.
“She showed no respect for a basic Olympic value and unfortunately she is out,” Isidoros Kouvelos told Greek SKAI TV. “She made a mistake and in life we pay for our mistakes.”
The 23-year-old athlete said in a lengthy apology on Wednesday the comment was “an unfortunate and tasteless joke.”http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/ol…

I’m trying not to generalize, but as a 21-year-old male, I don’t understand why girls avoid pro football like the plague. Most of the female football fans I know are all married and over the age of 28, but I can honestly say I’ve never met a girl who was a true NFL fan. I’ve met girls who were die-hard Baseball fans, or loved College sports, but they all never cared for pro football.
Do young women have anything against pro football? If so, what makes them change their minds when they get older and/or get married?
(I live in the South, if it means anything)

I’m 19 year old. A young adult, and i sometimes wonder “why do some old people young people/young adults my age? Heres some examples
They always say were “spoilt” even when were not
They hate seeing people my age having fun with our/my friends when we do things like play football, listen to music, socialize, drink (even sensibly) etc
Some old people hate kids even playing on the street outside their houses! As if that part of the street is off limits (when they live on the same street) (this happened to me when i was 10/11 year old in a childhood home i lived in at the time. On a single street called “Mount Road”)
etc things like that….
….are these the sort of reasons old people hate young people?

how long did you loan them for? check your roster, i know in FIFA 12 they are in the roster, say loaned out and for how long.

im 14.. i know that’s young that’s why i haven’t progressed any further in the thought. i have been thinking of babies, how it’ll be if i had one, how it’ll be to hold one of my own. i see baby pictures and im like aww wow:) and my dads gf’s daughter just had a baby and i seen pictures and videos of the baby and i just wanted to hold her so bad. i know there are tremendous responsibility’s with a baby
me and my boyfriend are together no matter what we’ve already established that. we’ve had more than one discussion of having babies in the future and everything and we’ve even had a scare. but hes athletic and he wants to go far in football and everything. i feel like i would ruin his life if we had one. ??

I was wondering who is the best young player around europe i know messi is young but evryone all ready knows he is the best in the world , id like to know peoples opinion on who is the up and coming best young players around – mario gotze is 18 and highly rated and skillfull – eden hazard is a fanstastic player, can turn defenders and get goals and asists for fun , gareth bale is unreal i think he is the best he is very fast and powerful and a sweet left foot he beats defenders easy he also won pfa player of the year and was named in the uefa team of the year and got a hat trick at the san siro thats not easy so whos you pick

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