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Ok guys I am like pumped for this year I pre ordered the ps4 Fifa 14 grand theft auto 5 and saints row 4 but I pre ordered them for ps3 should I get them on ps4 or leave them on ps3 and I am going to pre order bf4 should I get it for ps3 or ps4 thanks and does anyone know when mafia 3 comes out thanks

or will they loose atleast 3 games
bq Will bayern dominate the club world cup

2002. Year of Zidane’s amazing volley.

Chelsea were the first defending UCL champion ever to be knocked out of the group stage so how far do you think the Blues will go this year?

Arsenal FC did not deserve to finish in the the top four last season, Tottenham were clearly the more impressive team.
I don’t want to see Arsenal FC representing British football in the UEFA Champions League anymore, they are an embarrassment!
REALISTICALLY speaking, who is Arsenal going to sign next season?
Before you answer the question: Higuain, El Shaarawy, Jovetic and Rooney are certainly not going be Arsenal FC players next season!

after finishing 5th surely they will have a better shot at retaining this European trophy? can’t go any worse than the last time they tried to defend one can it xD

My favourite team is Juventus I thought they were going to win but since they got out I don’t know who is going to win now. What do you guys think

Just Because they won loads of tourneys doesn’t mean they can go on about it all the time.
Honours Won:
First Division/Premier League
(1): 1954–55
Second Division
(2): 1983–84, 1988–89
FA Cup
(2): 1969–70, 1996–97
Football League Cup
(2): 1964–65, 1997–98
FA Community Shield
(1): 1955
Full Members Cup
(2): 1985–86, 1989–90
UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup
(2): 1970–71, 1997–98
UEFA Super Cup
(1): 1998
They have great history but they don’t have to shove it in everyones faces.

You are from England you gloryhunting traitorous fvcker lol

0 it was 100% liga bbva

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