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i was just wondering because you know how the web app comes out earlier i wanted to buy fifa points on my ps3 using fifa 13 but would it get transfered to fifa 14

I was wondering if i ordered an American ps4, for use in England, would an English fifa 14 work on it? I know Sony said it is not region locked, but would i play Americans online? Would the English version play on an American console? It would just save me money if it did, that’s all

also would it be the same for other games like gta 5 and call o duty ghost?

ok i want a laptop with the following specs:
1.ram 8gb
2. processor intel core i7 latest generation
3.graphics card nvidia geforce model which can run games like fifa 14,gta 5, asssasin creed 3,etc very well
4.battery life 3-4 hrs
5.storage capacity 750 gb
6.light weight
please guys could u all compile the above info and tell the price of a laptop with the above qualities.

This is hilarious. I would go with yournevergettinglaidagain

…and if so, by how many?

baca brought these ronney thiago silva hummels lawindoski reus welbeck kompanny isco and messi’s baby thiago

Luis Suarez has a chance to go play for a team that won a treble, the Bundesliga, Champions league and the German Cup title and are the number 1 ranked team in the World. Plus he would be joining a team that will be competing German Super Cup, the UEFA Super Cup, the Champions league, The FIFA Club World Cup and the German Cup with people like Franck Ribery, Robert Lewandowski, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Manuel Neuer, Philip Lahm, Thomas Mueller, David Alaba, Dante, Toni Kroos and Holger Badstuber playing for Pep Guardiola so could Suarez be happy in Bayern Munich?

Which one would you prefer?

I Have these free games does anyone else have them? if so plese say. 1.Minecraft 2.Need For Speed World 3.Combat Arms 4. FIFA 14 5.CrossFire 6.Ghost Recon Online and sims 3 .

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