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Which one is the best and which one is the worst?

if its not glitching constantly then its crashing, seriously wont buy fifa 14 after this since this is one of the laziest made games i have ever played, i dont play many games on the ps3 but this has been the worst in the fifa series since i started buying them. the scripted gameplay is another issue, absolutely awful. dont know if anyone else has experienced these problems or if anyone really cares but hey its worth a shot

What Would Be Your Worst Nightmare?

Brazil losing the world cup 2014 !!!!! :) :):)

1. Olympic Embarrassment. Thousands upon thousands of empty seats.http://nation.foxnews.com/empty-seats-ol…
2. UK / EU ban ticket sales to Americans. Must be “UK/EU” resident to purchase tickets. Thousands of American tourists are angry, fed up that they’ve spent thousands only to be treated like dirt by so-called “allies” – oh, believe me. We’ll re-rethink your “status” and Britain will regret it.http://msn.foxsports.com/olympics/story/…
3. Cyclist KILLED by an Olympic bus shuttle. Area shut down for hours, thousands left stranded, lost, confused. http://msn.foxsports.com/olympics/story/…
4. U.S. coaches BANNED from marching in opening ceremonies. Organizes said it was to “cut down in parade of nations time” – yeah, right. http://blog.syracuse.com/sports/2012/07/…
What a shame. What a failure.

Sydney had as its bid process a higher than pay and staff conditions beyond what disputes could be? So it never happened to want a customs strike on busiest day!
Macca’s not wanting fries on venuesof a rival unless chips with fish? Spare me?? Pure lard??? Well? Try real foods? Not fat? Not sugar?
Not salt???

Is Fifa 12 The Worst Fifa Ever?

I am a Fifa junkie and have owned every fifa since Fifa 97 on the Sega Mega Drive when you controlled all the players at once and I think without a shadow of a doubt Fifa 12 is the worst of the lot. They are making the game more ‘realistic’ bit they are not improving it at all. I am looking forward to Fifa 13 because I do not see any way they could make it worse thann Fifa 12! I have had really good records online in all of the last 5 Fifa’s but in this one I have way too many draws. I like the head-to-head season idea but do not think it should be the only ranked online game mode! There is no extra time or penalties! Fifa 10 was the best in my opinion and this is just my opinion. I would like to know your opinion. What do you think of Fifa 12?

They show no respect for their opponents at all. Serena verbally abuses chair umpires, linesmen, and even shows displays of violence and aggression (besides competitiveness) in the direction of her opponent.
Not to mention Novak Djokovic is totally disrespectful to Andy Roddick, especially 2009 when he called the American out at the US Open. That’s incredibly disrespectful.
With the presence of the Olympics looming I believe these two athletes should sit out. The Olympics is supposed to be an event where only the most honorable of athletes are allowed and the highest pedigree of sportsmanship is praised. Since neither Novak nor Serena exemplify these traits, they should not represent their respective countries in the 2012 London Olympics.

ive only seen 3
and now this one for 2012 i plan to watch
i havent see any previous ones

Does anyone else think Downing resembles Christian Bale

If We Win The Champions League And The Fa Cup Roman Will Finally Have His Uefa Champions League Trophy As Well As The Fa Cup (Again) , But If We Dont Win The Champions League We Will More Than Likely Finsh Outside Of The Top 4 And The Fa Wont Make Up For It, That Is If We Even Win It, What Is Chelsea’s Destiny!?

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