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Whenever my favourite team plays a soccer/football match, I worry so much! My chest hurts, I become sweaty, and my legs are wobbly. Are there any tips? I am especially worried when my favourite team plays a really weak team, because I am worried that if they lose they are no longer a good team. I am also worried because it is really embarrassing if a good team loses to a bad team. Please help, it is so hard not to think about it! Thanks to all who answer in advance!!!

For about a week i have had episodes where its really difficult to breath, im not out of breath, it just gets difficult to breath. its not so bad that its stops me doing things etc. But it happens when im just sitting down, walking, anything. Where as i play football and hockey every week so i should be fairly fit.
I also get dizziness and blackouts about 20 seconds after standing, but my blood pressure is fine from sitting to standing. I have had one occurrence where it i collapsed unconscious from it a few months ago. i had 3 ECG test after collapsing unconscious and they were all perfect.
I also have a rash that had been there for a few months. its mainly on my inner thy, back of shoulders and my calf area. Its not scabies – ive been treated for it 3 times and none of the treatments helped. Its not from washing powder or clothes seems or an allergy – antihistamines do nothing. I appears as little red bumps. and comes and goes. but when it does itch, it REALLY itches.
Please help?
Ive been to the doctors about the rash and light headedness… but they dont know whats causing the rash, that everybody get dizzy upon standing. I havnt been about the breathlessness because i dont want the doctors to think im just coming back and moaning !

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