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Just wondering, really looking forward to it :)

Unfortunately YES,actually all multiplayer games need xbox live ******** gold member.

By brother goes on 360 all the time and loves fifa
I do get some time
I just pre orderd gta 5 special edition and bro pre orderd fifa 14 special edition
Obviously I will be gettin ps4
But if they stop making fifa games on xbox 360 when would that be so be can get a xbox one and I can have the xbox 360 so I can spend more time on gta 5
I know this maybe selfish but when he comes off it and I go on
He so times watches me play and I tell him to go and he bites me leg and dgs his nails in and hurts me which is just rage.
So is fifa 14 the last game on xbox360 and will fifa 15 be a xbox one and ps4 only

Will These Games Be Out For Ps4?

I want to buy these games for the Playstation but I don’t know if I should wait until the PS4 is out. I have never had an Xbox and have played every Playstation.
I am thinking of buying the following games:
Grand Theft Auto 5
Fifa 14 (I know it’s coming out for PS4)
Farcry 4 if it comes out.
Saints Row 4
Call Of Duty: Ghosts
Payday 2
Need For Speed: Rivals
Watch Dogs.
Which of these do you know are coming out for the PS4?


What New Leagues Will Be On Fifa14?

I want to know what leagues you think and are on officially on fifa 14. I want the turkish and Ukraine league on

If i bought fifa 14 for ps3 will i be able to play it on ps4
Please help

Fifa 14 for the ps3 is released at the end of september where as the ps4 version and the ps4 itself is released mid november. I would like to get fifa 14 on release date but i dont want to buy two copies of the game so will the ps3 version of the game play on ps4. Or will i have to wait a month and a half to get the game

It’s the all German UEFA Champions League Final rematch two months after the Bavarians became the Kings of Europe. The German Super Cup is being played in Dortmund’s Iduna Signal Stadion which should help the Borussen.
However Bayern have already collected 2 trophies this week for the past weekend’s Telekom Cup and another after beating Barcelona, if the Bavarians beat Dortmund it will be the 3rd trophy this week and a hell of a start for Pep’s squad before the season starts.
So will Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund be your fixture for this Saturday?
Who will win and by what score?

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