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Just wondering, really looking forward to it :)

i was just wondering because you know how the web app comes out earlier i wanted to buy fifa points on my ps3 using fifa 13 but would it get transfered to fifa 14

According to UEFA it is 7.

when do game take he money for fifa14 I preorderd it today and i was just wondering when they took the money ??

you automatically go to Manchester City.
*Nothing harsh intended*

I know many PL fans want to hold on to the illusion that their league is still the best. Realistically the Premiership title will be between City and United. All the talk about Man U, Spurs, Liverpool (please!) and Arsenal is insane. The English press want to engrain in people’s mind that all these teams are fighting for the title but Man U won’t recover from losing SAF, he was their motivator and made them play above their level, Arsenal will always be the bridesmaid, Liverpool can’t attract top talent anymore and will lose the one they have now, they are on a steep decline; Spurs are a good team but just not a big team. Bale will leave sooner or later, I rather he leaves later because there is no room for him at Real and I don’t see him playing for another PL team, it would be a lateral move. This brings us to Serie A will now an established Napoli team with Champions League winning coach in Rafa. They have money to spend, tactically very adaptable especially for the CL, Milan will also challenge in Serie A along with Inter who has the best tactician in Italian football and maybe Europe. Juve are the champs until someone take them down and you could throw Fiorentina in there who should have been in the CL and can bring in players like Gomez, Joaquin or Ilicic. The PL sooner or later will even attract the lesser top players and will lose the stars they have now. La liga is top dog, Bundesliga rapidly rising with Serie A on the rise as well. Even Ligue 1; remember the PL rely on foreign talent to attract audience not promoting players from within unlike other leagues. Once that talent stop coming the league itself will die down. I don’t sugarcoat things, I keep it real!

When Does Fifa 14 Web App Come Out?

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