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It’s all in the question really. It seems the game is already released in places? I’m an Aston Villa fan and am curious as I’ve heard we’re only 3 1/2 stars lol.

Aston Villa Fifa 13 Ratings?

my opinion:
Given – 82
hutton – 71
warnock – 75
dunne – 72
vlaar – 58
clark – 52
lichaj – 61
ireland – 72
el ahmadi – 61
n’zogbia – 72
albrighton – 71
delph – 68
makoun – 64
bannan – 59
herd – 56
gardner – 52
bent – 78
agbonlahor – 68
delfouneso – 62
weimann – 74

i think they should’ve but what about other people??

Torres playing well at Chelsea, no doubt that there will be a great double Villa and Torres

David Villa Vs Wayne Rooney?

just remember the champions league final

Point being?

You cannot, i repeat CANNOT keep the Arsenal down, we will always come back stronger than ever!
Forget about the stupid Premier League title or even finishing top four.
We are aiming for the Champions League and the FA Cup now, and while we are winning that United fans will be crying at the sight of City winning the league.
And Spurs fans will be crying when we win the Champions League while they finish 4th, meaning we will take the champions league spot ahead of them LMAO!

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Why Is Aston Villa Failing?

Villa used to be a top 6 teams and even in the further past they won the champions league why cant they find form or why arnt they as good anymore??

I saw a really dull question about David Villa…and decided to retaliate.
First off, let’s get on level terms…David Villa went on a terrible goal-scoring drought from March-April 2011, and still hasn’t come back to his best, very inconsistent. Villa has scored less goals since Messi & Pedro (mainly Messi) share all his goalscoring. However, at Valencia, David Villa had Pablo, David Silva, Mata, all of them not being prolific goalscorers like Messi and Pedro…so saying Villa is worse at Barcelona is an invalid statement. His job isn’t to necessarily score as many goals he can, like at Valencia. He’s got better teammates that can do the job for him.
To the guy who asked the Q: David Villa was bought because the previous season they could not buy him from Valencia (the owner/chairman did not allow since Valencia were paying off debt money). Having the chance to buy him, Barcelona did so the following season, and why not, considering David Villa played with many players on Barcelona for the national side…and the 2010 World Cup skyrocketed his moral as a top striker. Alexis hasn’t replaced anyone yet either, still hasn’t proven anything for the team yet imo. He’s not a diver and everyone at Barcelona appreciates everything he does. He’s not selfish like Ibra, which is great and puts less pressure on himself to score and perform, he knows he is not the lone star at the club and accepts his role as a winger or whatever Guardiola gives him.
Here’s a few quotes from a unnamed user that I think were over the top:
“He scored what 4 goals in the CL? one in a 5-1 win, one was a penalty, one was in a 2-1 loss and the other in a 3-1 win…. LOL”
- Villa scored the the goal vs. Panathinaikos to take the lead, which was very big and led Barcelona to cruise on. His penalty vs. Rubin Kazan gave Barcelona 1 point, which would have been better than a loss. David Villa’s away goal vs. Arsenal came to be crucial since Barcelona won the aggregate 4-3, no away goal means that a 1-0, 2-1, or 3-1 win wouldn’t have been enough for Barca to move on (which were the scores throughout the home leg vs. Arsenal). And the final goal vs. Manchester United…total class. How can one play that goal down? First, it was brilliant, and second, 2 goals makes a better cushion than 1, especially in a final. So by each situation, David Villa’s goals were very crucial for Barcelona’s 2010-11 Champions League campaign.
“against the ”big” teams (Valencia, Villarreal, Espanyol, Atletico, RM, Bilabo, Sevilla) His goals only made the difference in ONE games, a 1-1 draw with Bilabo, so earned Barca 1 point in big games”
- Again, invalid because David Villa scored two goals within 3 minutes against Real Madrid, which ultimately killed the game for Real and became totally dominated, probably the most dominated half I have ever seen Barcelona play with a 4-0 lead. There would be no “La Manita” without his contribution. 1-1 draw with Bilbao??? Since when did Barcelona draw with Bilbao in La Liga last season? except Cdr but he didn’t score. Unless you’re talking about the 2-1 vs. Bilbao where Villa scored the first goal at the Camp Nou, then you have to include the game vs. Villarreal, in which they won 3-1 and Villa scored the first goal. I think you should also count Villa’s game vs. Sevilla in October 2010, since he scored a beauty. So that’s 4 games where Villa made an impact vs “big teams”, not just one.
“What’s hilarious is as a striker he scored MORE goals for Valencia but he had a better season with Barca because he won CL and the league yet Sneijder won the treble and WC runners up yet Messi deserved the Ballon D’or”
- So you’re saying if David Villa won CL he had a better season with Barcelona than any season with Valencia??? More successful, not better…his last season with Valencia and his first season w/Barca are pretty even to me. Bojan had more successful season with Barcelona in 2010-11, but his best season was 2007-08, even though Barca didn’t win a trophy. Sneijder had a more successful year than Messi, but that doesn’t make him ultimately better. Messi was the best individual player in 2010, well-deserved Ballon d’Or winner for 2010, since he was still the best in the world that year.
So yeah…that’s it…sorry for making it very long but I know an answer wouldn’t clear up anything…I don’t think we should take alot way from David Villa…he’s still and always will be a clinical goal-scorer.

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