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I already have a pair of nike gray and a bit neon green at the bottom, but dang.. i want those eye-popping trainers!!

So far we have done about six sessions. And Idk if is working I mean I’m doing it for football I’m about 5 10 at 130 and 16 years old and I’m trying to get bigger but I don’t think its working when should I notice results what should I be doing? He told me to just eat a lot and it shouldn’t matter what I eat but Idk I don’tefeel like I’m getting bigger advice?

I play football. I want to start training with a personal trainer and have heard much about athletic republic and have thought about going there. Is this place actually good or just all hype?? And I’ve heard it’s expensive?? Is that true?? If so is it worth the price???

how do you even qualify? what should I major in in college? I’m so confused I have no ideas.

The attacker of Valencians Grégory Pujol, “at total rest for 15 days” according to the trainer Daniel Sanchez, has been very dubious for the reception of Sochaux Sunday, at the time of the 10th day.

The attacker high-speed motorboat of AC Milan Zlatan Ibrahimovic joined its club as of Monday when it took part in the drive, although the team of Sweden initially wished to keep it in the group, even if it is suspended, for the decisive match against the Netherlands. “Ibra” was with the drive Monday afternoon on the grounds of Milanello. “Ibrahimovic as we all wants to obtain results again”, said the trainer of Milan, Massimiliano Allegri, whose team is not that 15th of Series has after a beginning of missed championship (two defeats, two null and only one victory)

The captain of the team of Irish Republic Robbie Keane, touched with the supply mains, could not take part Tuesday in the match against Arménie, decisive for a qualification with the Euro 2012, announced Sunday the framing of the Irish selection. Keane, better striker of the history of his selection with 51 achievements, passed from the examinations Saturday which revealed “a big problem”, according to Marco Tardelli, assistant of the trainer Giovanni Trapattoni

Didier Deschamps does not see “not a warning statement” in the remarks of Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, principal shareholder of the club, which décalré to be able to sell it when she would wish it. For the trainer of Marseilles, the OM “does not play as it would have compared to the money (that it) gives”. “I do not have anything in particular to say on the declarations of Margarita Louis-Dreyfus

Michel Estevan is not any more the trainer of Boulogne-sur-Mer. Arrived in North in December 2010, Estevan was dismissed this Friday. It pays the catastrophine beginning of the season of Boulogne, 19th of L2.

In margin of the victory of the PSG on Lyon (2-0), Antoine Kombouaré refused to reveal the wound from which Blaise Matuidi suffered. “Medical secret” has advanced the trainer of Paris SG

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