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Science Fair Topic For 9th Grade?

What’s a good science fair topic for 9th grade?
I want to do something like involves destruction. Maybe something with like fire or dropping something.
Or I want to do something with sports. I’m interested in tennis soccer cheer and football.
But if there is something good out there that doesn’t involve the two up there please suggest it.

Good Topic For Narrative Essay?

I am a college freshman, and english has always been my best subject. ( i dont particularly like it, i’m just really good at writing.)
Anyway, i have my first essay due next week and we are allowed to write about anything, but it has to be a narrated story.
The topic that im wanting to do is the story of my sports injury (torn ACL, MCL, and Meniscus twice in a row… I got held out for my last 2 years of high school. I was one of 2 forwards on my soccer team.) I picked this because it is a very personal subject for me because of the goals i have had to overcome to get back to playing the sport i love. BUT,
Im thinking i should maybe do something a little more, touchy?? One of my other choices is an essay written through the eyes of a child raised in a poverty-stricken country. What do yall think?

Need Help On Picking Research Topic.?

I don’t need help on writing it. i just need to pick a topic because i feel like all my topics are to generic. He said we could pick something we like or know about. Well i know about soccer, video games, technology and thats about it really that I’m interested in. But I don’t know how to turn one of those subjects into a good research topic.

I Need A Video Topic?

Hey guys, I have been really interested in creating videos, I have made a bunch of football vids, including hard hits, a montage, and best interceptions. I now need a new topic. It needs to be clean because I want to be in the air force and I just dont want to risk anything. So what would be something you would like to see?

What is your opinion on the 2k football and EA dispute? Do you think 2k will release another football game? If so what are your expectations or wants.

“I read that it wished to come. But for the medium we are largely provided as players” affirmed the sport director of the FC Bayern Christian Nerlinger with the newspaper of Munich tz.

We need to write a research report for school and it has to do with science or history. We can’t do any people, but we can research animals. Anyway, I have some topics and I was wondering which would be the most interesting. This is for my literacy class, by the way. Most people are doing animals or countries or the history of soccer or something. So my ideas are:
History of Independent films
History of Directing films
How special effects have improved
Award shows: when was the fist award show, etc.
I don’t know why I’m choosing movie topics, it’s just kind of interesting. So which one should I do my report on? Which would be most interesting? Thanks(:

Need “white Paper” Topic Ideas!?

I need to write a white paper for my business writing class, and we need to come up with our own idea. Any suggestions?
Some previous examples were-
1. BP’s public relations campaign after Gulf oil spill given to Bd. of Dir’s
2. Defense of NBA’s age limit rule.
3. NCAA’s football rules; why they’re outdated and in need of reform.
Thank you!

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