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By brother goes on 360 all the time and loves fifa
I do get some time
I just pre orderd gta 5 special edition and bro pre orderd fifa 14 special edition
Obviously I will be gettin ps4
But if they stop making fifa games on xbox 360 when would that be so be can get a xbox one and I can have the xbox 360 so I can spend more time on gta 5
I know this maybe selfish but when he comes off it and I go on
He so times watches me play and I tell him to go and he bites me leg and dgs his nails in and hurts me which is just rage.
So is fifa 14 the last game on xbox360 and will fifa 15 be a xbox one and ps4 only

Bayern Munich has a chance to win 6 of the following titles, Cups and trophies:
1. The German Super Cup against Borussia Dortmund.
2. The UEFA Super Cup against Chelsea.
3. The FIFA Club World Cup.
4. The Bundesliga.
5. The UEFA Champions League title.
6. The German Cup.
So which of these titles, cups, or trophies do you think Bayern Munich will or won’t win in the coming season or will the Bavarians will them all or not any under Pep Guardiola?

I’m thinking FIFA 14 should add the Argentinian league since its one of the biggest leagues in South America. Also, I think they should bring back the Turkish league since some big name players like Didier Drogba, Dirk Kuyt, Wesley Sneijder and Hamit Altintop play there as well as the Ukrainian league (Shaktar Donetsk & Dynamio Kiev) the Greek league (Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, PAOK & AEK Athens) maybe even add the Chinese league as well since there’s some players are going there too. Also, regarding the national teams I believe that it is time to include Japan since they’re qualified for the World Cup and this is just my idea but add the remaining national teams that are still in the running.

———————> http://oi44.tinypic.com/2cojzbk.jpg

just stuff like different kits every 2 or 3 seasons choice to upgrade your stadium hire and fire staff more realistic crowd i also find when a player is supposed to be rapid slow defenders can catch him to easy

Right were both 14 I go to boys school and she goes to girls school. Well we met at a park through friends and I really liked her. She’s funny, pretty and cute. Yeah well we text everyday I’ve only seen her once she starts the convos at times and I start them at times more like 50/50. Anyway when we talk we send each other hearts and we used to send a couple kisses. She always seems to want to talk to me but gives me short answers and sometimes one word ones but when I get board and annoyed that she doesn’t speak properly I say I’m gonna go and she always says “where you going?<3" "why?<3" like I was off school today and she was texting while in school so she definitely wants to talk but she did the same small answers or one word we have proper conversations at time but most it's like this and I told her "I'm gonna go talk to you later<3" she said "why where you going<3" I said "no where it's just that you're in school" she said "so?<3" and I put "we can't speak properly<3" but we still spoke because she enjoys speaking to me like she might give me small answers but she replies to everything. Today we were talking and she said (let's call this guy dave) "do you know dave?<3" "yeah I do why" "just wondering" "how do you know him" "oh well he poped up to and we started speaking loads on Monday and Tuesday but we don't speak a lot now, he HOT" "aha alright <3" "are you jealous??<3" "yeah loads ;) <3" I said I was jealous in a sarcastic way but OBVIOUSLY I WAS :( she kept talking about him saying "he said he'll teach me to play FIFA :D :D <3" and I just got really jealous and said "hahah right I'm going to bed now, night :* <3" and all she put was "night x" :( I don't know, she talks to me all the time she sends me "<3" after every message she texts me first and then she's goes on about this dave guy :( ….Do you think she's trying to make me jealous or something? Does she like me? Or is she leading me on? :( please help

All Fenerbahçe were handed a 2 year ban for alledged match fixing. Now I think it’s unfair as the matchs were in the Turkish leugue for a start also it’s not a criminalally proven by a court it’s what the folk at UEFA think and last but not least the standard of refaring towards fenerbahce in this year’s Europa leugue was appalling, Gökhan Gönüls kick to the face just says it all. Not just fenerbahce but Turkish teams in general in European cups.

with the signings they hv made and players they have right now…do u think they can make it?
signings till now:- simon mignolet, luis alberto , kolo toure , iago aspas
players in current squad – steven gerrard, luis suarez , daniel sturridge , philipe coutinho , pepe reina, daniel agger , jose enrique , glen johnson , martin skrtel, jordan henderson, stewart downing, fabio borini, lucas leiva, joe allen ,raheem sterling , jordan ibe , andre wisdom etc etc
please answer

This Neymar was already diving/playacting against Mexico. But what he pulled off against Uruguay was a complete disgrace. One of his dives what the most pathetic dive I have probably seen in years. I know refs are supposed to dish out yellow cards for that stuff, but they almost never do. He also took forever to leave the pitch against Uruguay and took 1 entire minute to get off. Of course the ref did not take that into consideration and didn’t show him a yellow for that either. So here’s my question:
Why don’t they ever do anything about that? Like determining after the game, which player flopped and banning him for 2 games? At least in the NBA they’re getting sick of flopping, but in soccer it’s 100 times worse. And this Neymar guy is a complete disgrace. Every single time he’s about to lose the ball he just flops and the ref awards him a free kick.

Last season we reached the quarter finals of the Europa League.That was the first one we have reached in any competition since Ashley took over. And we have finished in a ‘respectable place’ just ONCE in his tenure. We also suffered relegation under his ownership and our stadium changed it’s name – twice.
In the previous 6/7 seasons BEFORE Ashley we reached 2 FA cup finals, an FA cup semi final, 2 league cup quarter finals, one UEFA cup semi and another UEFA cup quarter final and qualified for the Champions League twice.
Off the pitch 7 years ago NUFC pulled in 30m per year more than Spurs- now Spurs get 50m more than us with a stadium holding 36k. Our finances are now solely reliant on TV money as the commercial side of the business is shot to hell, with the association with Wonga and SportsDirect no decent company will touch us with a barge pole. Under Ashley we are a toxic brand, gone backwards on and off the pitch.
The only thing Ashley did right was the ticket deals and the handling of the ‘Family Enclosure’ at SJP.

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