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needed their little rent boy referee as usual
owned in the Bernabau, and getting owned at OT until rent boy ref took action
then destroyed by Dortmund unsurprisingly, after beating a 5hit team in the quarters with a fixed UEFA draw (because they knew pretty much any other team than Galatasary would have destroyed the 5hit team)
Madrid have to be the most overrated team in Europe, Juventus, United, Dortmund, Chelsea, City, Munich, PSG, Barcelona, AC Milan, Arsenal these are among the teams in Europe that are better than Real Madrid
and the worst part is most of the RM glory hunters on here are overweight Scots, Americans and Irelanders
let’s have a guess, how fat do you think they really are??

There are 4 games this year that I really want. They are COD Ghosts, battlefield 4, Fifa 14 and GTA V. Do I get them for my ps3 or for a ps4

First of all, Jovetic is fairly talented I’m sure, but with 12 goals and 4 assists this year, and 12 goals and 3 assists last year from what is (unfortunately) UEFA’s 5th ranked league now.
Hardly a world beater.
Jovetic is also injury prone having missed an entire season even.
In addition, if Jovetic was a truly class player, why on Earth would he even look twice at Arsenal?
No world class footballer would consider a move to a losers club to pick up no trophies every year for less pay too. If Jovetic is really going to Arsenal then rest assured he is not world class.
A certain Arsenal fan tries to convince himself that Cazorla is world class, but that’s laughable.
Arsenal, with or without Jovetic, will be out of Europe nice and early next year as usual, out of the FA and Carling Cup to mediocre teams as usual, spanked by Man United as usual, and will do well to scrape into 4th place, as usual. And if Jovetic does well long the way, he might get promoted to Man City’s first team.

if i click on a player it will say add to shortlist or enquire about (the players name) and they would be worth 5m and 20k wage budget. now how do i buy them???


Why are all the Fifa Demos on the Xbox 360 Marketplace Removed? Also is it Worth to Buy Fifa 12 or Just Wait for Fifa 13?

1. Hats off to the NBA Miami Championship Heat in the Finals! Their Big 3 will be around for awhile!
2. Hats off to the Oklahoma City Thunder for representing the Western Conference with class and integrity, they will be around for a while.
But the night belongs to the Heat! Wade! James! Bosh! Chalmers! Battier! Coach Spoelstra! Owner Pat Riley! …and Heat fans!
Q 1. Will London 2012 Summer Games borrow a few of these Heat guys?
Q 2. Will the summer initiate some off-season summer time trades and tweaks to both** of their rosters?
** ~ as in for both the Heat and Thunder rosters.
Q 3. How happy is Seattle now that Clay Bennett did not get to have the last laugh at their Sonics’ fans?
Q 4. Is Cleveland rioting right now?

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