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You watching this game?

And by Football I mean Soccer

all my friends play it and have no life and our obssessed with it whenever a new fifa comes out?
is it like manager mode but you manage a team and play your friends
what is the point of coins? why not just call it pounds like manager mode?
i might start FUT if its worth it once the new fifa 14 comes out is it possible for me to beat my mates who pay for coins?
what are gold silver bronze teams?

Fifa 14 Ultimate Team?

In Fifa 14 UT will Microsoft points/ FIFA points be in the game?


FUT 14 – What you need to know
Chemistry Styles – A consumable that allow you to alter what chemistry does to your player.
Instead of all players receiving the same increases you can now decide to increase certain stats at the expense of others or have a minor increase on all stats. There are 20+ different styles to choose from
These act like position cards – permanent until you use a new one. If you trade it, the buyer will keep the style.
No more formation items: Switch between formations without the need to buy new consumables. Formation no longer contributes towards player chemistry
Managers: Can provide player chemistry either through Nationality or League. A manager’s league can be changed via a consumable. Max +1 chemistry.
Loyalty: A player becomes loyal to your club if you get them in a pack or if you play 10 games with them. A loyal player receives max +1 chemistry.
Player Chemistry now goes to 10
Kit numbers, set piece takers and captain
Online Single Matches has returned
Seasons Mode features 10 divisions with promotion, relegation, coveted titles and the chance to qualify for tournaments. The new historic Seasons stats will track your results, and you can earn rewards such as coins, items, and players along the way.
Work-rates now show in the player bio
Assists are now tracked
You can search by player name and for specific consumables

Now I realized that México will play an international friendly after the Gold Cup on August 14 against Ivory Coast, but Ivory Coast are ranked #13 in the FIFA World Rankings. Do you think Mexico can win over a strong Ivory Coast? What do you think?

This is hilarious. I would go with yournevergettinglaidagain

Not sure if the answer is known yet but if you start an ultimate team on PS3 for example, does it carry through to the PS4 version? Or are they going to be completely separate games? Because there doesn’t seem much point in getting the PS3 version atm.

Best Team On Fifa 14?

In Manger mode how would your team look? What formation would you use?

IMO it’s been FC barcelona with 3 champions league titles 6 league titles treble/sextuple
Then I’d going with
2)Then Bayern Munich 2 champions league titles a treble 8 league titles (easier league monopoly )
3)Real Madrid 2 champions leagues 5 league titles
4) inter 1 champions league a treble 5 league titles ****
5) ac Milan: 2 champions leagues and and 2 league titles
Fc barcelona
Fc Bayern munchen
Real Madrid
Ac Milan
Internzaionale ??
I don’t think I snubbed any big team I obviously left of two teams for lack of European success (juventus and man united) couple with the fact of match fixing and man united stronghold on the FA plus they don’t match up with any of the top teams up there

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