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People who have a lot of strength and stamina without slide tackling?

In the NFL draft, if a player’s position is abbreviated as “T,” does that stand for “Tackle”?

It’s like football, but it’s not.
Basically, a person get the ball and toss it in the air. Whoever catches it must run around the field to get points. Whoever with the most points win.
It’s actually really fun :)

I say he will get a ban from the 2nd leg and that’s it. His absence may help Real Madrid….now we have to count on Pepe to do something stupid….though Xabi is more than capable of getting a straight red.

I was an offensive guard and a defensive tackle in football. I used to weigh 280lbs, then I droped to 180lbs, now coach says that i’m too small to play my former positions. What position do you recommend that I switch to, I’m not really fast, I can’t catch, but I can take a beating, so I was thinking fullback. I’m pure muscle, I’m six foot, and I’m 15. I’m a sophomore in high school. Any other recommendations. Anyone who knows anything about football please help!!!

Then I would actualy watch Football, but I can’t stand the 2 minute break between each play. Why is Football so slow? I guess the players are in really bad shape, that;’s why they have to rest after each play.

i’ve played soccer all my life, but I wanna switch to football because it’s much funner. I’m a sophmore now and I wanna play football for my school next year, but ive never played on an actual team before…are there any teams I could play on in the spring or summer to learn how to play??

Back in the spring of 2009, I was playing football. Defensive end, and was in tackling drills. I ran to the kid, he juked me, but I stuck my arm out and tried to pull him back. I basically arm tackled him. Then i felt my shoulder pop multiple times and my shoulder went limp. The pain was excruciating, but I finished practice. Talked to the trainer, they looked at it and said it would be all right. And ever since that very moment i’ve had shoulder problems. If I move my shoulder back, I can feel it pop. Pull-ups, it pops. So my qeustion is…. will this ever get better? What can i do?

I already summed up an Idea. (Freshmen football): Just go for their waste and center my weight in, run and don’t stop while doing nutcracker.
My Stats:
165 lbs
Large build, not fat
Fast for my size, 1 mile in around 7 minutes?
Small pads
Is their any better way than what I already have?

I lost a game this week because DJ Williams was not credited for a tackle for a loss on a play where he sacked the QB, forced the fumble, and recovered the fumble.
Is it either/or in regards to a forced fumble or a tackle for a loss? It seems to me that a sack = a tackle + a tackle for a loss.
Should he be credited with a sack, a tackle, a tackle for a loss, a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery on the play? My season’s already toast but I’m curious to know if I got hosed.

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