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some friends have told me that they dont and that you have to wait until fifa 14 but like 3 weeks ago they updated the AS Monaco squad including james rodriguez, jao moutinho and falcao with other players, my question is will they do this for other clubs after the transfer windows closes?

OK, so i was watching the opening ceremony of the 2012 summer Olympics in London and i kept hearing this song they were playing while they were announcing all the country’s that were participating in the Olympics. at first it didn’t have any lyrics i never heard any lyrics at all in it, it had a violin in it. and i think if i can remember it was in a Cadillac commercial also but that was a while back. if anyone can help that be amazing. thanks.

I have been waiting 4 years for this, but I havent seen anything about when they are going to be held? Dont they usually happen earlier in the summer? Does anyone know anything?

How many times has London hosted the Summer Olympic games?

I need to get my homework done !!! Did Wang Nan compete this year in the London Olympic games? She plays Table Tennis and is Chinese. Please helppp…

Is the three-letter abbreviation the choice of each National Olympic Committee or of the Organizers? As far as I know, only in French the first three letters are ROU – Roumanie (in Romanian it’s plain and simple ROM├ónia).

I was just wondering why it’s always in London when it’s hosted by the UK.

I was just wondering why it’s always in London when it’s hosted by the UK.

Usain Bolt

Or do they call it winter? And what about the olympics. Right now, it is cold in the Southern Hemisphere, but they are participating in warm, summer games in London. What’s up with it??? Thanks!!

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