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Please suggest some good tablets in the range of Rs 10,000-15,000 for gaming. Especially for games like Fifa 12, 13, f1, and many others in sports category.

Suggest Games For My Psp 3004?

Guys i recently bought a psp 3004….
It has a 4 GB memory stick… I have songs and videos in it but don’t have any games except FIFA 11….
Please suggest me some games which I can play on my psp 3004 and also from where i can download it??????

6 games and no goals ?
Can the best player in the world finally score at Stamford Bridge in the upcoming Champions League semi final?

I like Football
I live in Manchester
I support Manchester United

Assassin’s Creed II
Brother In Arms: Hell’s Highway
Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Dead Space
Devil May Cry 4
Dragon Age Origins
Fallout 3
Killzone 2
Prince of Persia
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
Sega MegaDrive Ultimate Collection
resistance 2
Terminator Salvation
The Orange Box
Unreal Tournament 3

silly americans play football with their hands….lol

I’m on break so I have nobody to correct this! Please Help! This is for UC (California) colleges. This one is about the world I come from! Thanks!
My family, community, and school have shaped my whole world over the years in ways which have made me different inside.These dreams and aspirations are continuing to change as my community and family change, making me a better person. In the past, I was nowhere near the same as I’m now.
My family has permitted me to make my own choices and they’ve given me everything I need to succeed in my education. However, I never realized this until my early teenage years. They started giving me more choices during that time and showed me the careness they provided for my education by paying every cent they could possibly pay for it. I thought my parents were making me study to torture my life, but instead; they were doing it to enhance my life and future. Not all parents do this for their children, which makes me lucky to have such parents.
My community’s opened my eyes by allowing me to observe the real world. From my observations during my early teenage years, I noticed that one has to work hard on what that certain person desires in life whether it’s a good education or outstanding athletic skills. One could suffer out in the cold while nobody would care anyhow. Parents could help out, but they won’t be able to live forever. The point is a person can make a difference in life no matter how difficult it’s to achieve. Ever since my youth, I wanted to major in software engineering realizing that taking rigorous courses throughout high school as well as college which include Math and Science, receiving a bachelor’s degree in a four year university, and being employed after college was difficult, but important. In my youth, living a great life was pictured as an easy task to arrive at. I never thought about how difficult it’d be to achieve. My perspective of this changed by meeting people in my community who’ve either worked hard and succeeded, or have taken life easy from the beginning and then struggled. The hard road often directs one to a successful future. Going through this awakening has changed the way I look at my community.
My school’s opened up a variety of opportunities for me to seek such as sports, and the benefit of a good education for future references. As a little child, I thought school was a waste of time, but now realizing that school is a powerful tool in educating people has allowed me to attain a better understanding of how education can be used in reality.For example, learning calculus could be useful for engineering or world literature could be useful for people who contain the desire to become writers. My school’s offered me extracurricular activities as well as a sport such as AVID, Spanish Club, and football. I might not be gifted with athletic abilities, but football has taught me how to respect others and be a good team player. These opportunities allowed me to succeed through high school and toughened me up for the future.
My family, community, and school made me realize the world I’m from and how education’s important even though it may be tough. My parents have done everything for my education, something not every parent can do. My community offered me the idea that I have to earn everything I want in life and, I can only make that happen. My school’s offered me great opportunities to succeed in life. My family, school, and community still continue to shape my visions today for the future.

Okay.. So i am a freshman girl, && this is my first year playing soccer. I didn’t really have a LOT of friends on the soccer team, but i’m starting to become close with one of the juniors. :) But there’s this sophomore girl who has gotten super close with that junior over the year. && i am SOO jealous :( like it’s not even funny. && Liz (the junior) Always says she wants to hang out && stuff but she’s always with the sophomore..What do i do? Please no mean answers..:/ I need some help!. Any suggestions are helpful!.

Team Sports Tournament Association (TSTA). I don’t think it’s in use, but you may look into it just in case.

Would You Suggest Me A Good Tv Show?

I get bored these days and I don’t know. Why not watch a tv show when I am not playing soccer/ football.
: Can you suggest some school based tv show’s as well?

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