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for my upcoming football season (August-November) i was thinking about getting the “Cris Canty” style facemask, i play RB and LB

Okay, so everyones heard of the forbidden love stories. And they all seem so dramatic and fake, well this ones not. Not fake that is. There, of course, is some drama. My story starts a few summers back when my cousin befriends the boy at the end of the road, Jacob. I first met him in the pool. Right away I noticed how cute he was. So like all kids we splashed and horseplayed around in the pool. At the time I didn’t have a crush on him, I just thought he was cute. But one day I went over to my cousin, Brandon’s house and the boys are in the pool. Well they tell me to get my bathing suit on but I had just gotten the chlorine out of my hair. I turned the invitation down. Brandon hands me a water gun anyways. Being the nice person I am I handed the gun to Jacob. Instead of shooting Brandon he turns and starts shooting me. I start laughing and running backwards out of shooting range. For some reason this irritates gramma. It seems like she has always disliked Jacob. Quickly she puts an end to the unfair water gun fight and we leave. From that moment on I have had a secret crush on Jacob. Sometimes even a secret from myself. I daydreamed and thought about Jacob often. Sadly the summer had to end. That meant I had to leave my grandparents house and go back home. That also meant I stopped seeing Jacob, but the daydreams and thoughts didn’t stop. Months go by and I hear a few stories about him from Mandie, my other cousin. Finally I see him again. Its a short visit but I still get to see him. This is the last time I see him for a year. You see he decides to move to his dads place about 30 minutes away. Hearing the news saddened me and I tried to forget about my silly crush, thinking I would never see him again. As a year goes by he still is in my thoughts. I don’t know why but I couldn’t forget about him. And then the day comes. I see him again. He has grown much taller now and is even cuter. When I see him again though he has his whole cool guy act on. So anyways Me and Mandie watch him and the boys play football and he’s showing off for the girls. (He’s such a player) Again after we leave I think I will never see him again. And again I’m wrong. The next time I see him is a week before Halloween 2011. That night me and Mandie made plans to spend the night at Janet’s (Brandons mom) house. Well a day or two before the Halloween party we find out Brandon invited Jacob over and they are going to camp out after the party. Due to a surprise visit from Janets mom me and Mandi have no place to sleep. Instead of canceling the plans Janet asks us if we want to camp out with the boys. Of course we say yes! To make a really long story short I spent the night cuddling and flirting with Jacob. And now 4 going on 5 months later I miss Jacob like crazy. I don’t want to like him but I do. And to be honest I could see us together. I don’t know if we could be together forever though. But thats not my problem. My problem is if we do get to close then gramma will do everything in her power to keep us apart. We would never get to camp out again or anything. She tried to stop the first camp out. She literally was trying to drag our stuff off the cart so we couldn’t take it to Janets house. I don’t even know how Jacob would react if he knew. I don’t think it would be bad, but I think his head would grow a little more. Anyways that is my forbidden love story. I hope you enjoyed it because I sure don’t.
Please tell me what you think. I realize that it is not perfect. Please give be your honest opinion. I was thinking that this could go into a diary book, give me your ideas on that too please:-) thanks

Mourinho is known for Defensive style of football but it looks like he is deploying attacking style of football so what exaclty is his style. On the other hand Pep likes possesion football sometimes he attacks a lot sometimes he is defensive so him also what exactly is his style?
Q2: Do you really think that Barcelona will win the CL without some robbing of some kind like buying refs diving and all that kinda stuff etc…

Hi. I play football and over the summer I tore my meniscus in my LEFT knee. It is all healed up. But during football season I started kicking off with my toe. After a few days my RIGHT knee started hurting. The side. I think its my meniscus but not sure. If I extend my leg completely straight and flex it kinda hurts the side of my knee. Any help?

take for example the U of M jerseys: http://www.clevelandleader.com/node/5970
the style of the blue one is kinda plain, since it is just one solid blue color plus the yellow numbers, but the WHITE one has more detail to it – with yellow trim around the numbers and along side the jersey. there are also different color sleves and around the neck.
dont you think for that reason sales of the white jersey’s will sell more, since they’re more stylish and the blue ones are more plain and “boring”?

It was a good win for England Parker Play well and we got lucky towards the end. I know it was the world champions but when is the lat time you can say honestly you enjoy watching england play? For me maybe beating the German 5-1 was good nothing else stands out after that? We play Great football in the premier League but our national team style of play don’t represent that

ok so i want to get yoga pants to wear to like football games or other games or if im watching a movie at my friend’s house or having a sleepover or to work out in. so basically just casual, comfy events and working out at the gym. im 14, if that helps. i wanted to get the skinny yoga pants because they kinda look like leggings and i like leggings. so should i get the skinny kinds or bootcut?

Fabio Capello indicated that it will not establish any more Wayne Rooney in team of England from here the Euro 2012. Expelled at the time of the last match of qualifications against Montenegro (2-2), the English attacker will be suspended at least for the first match of the Euro of the selection to the Three Lions.Wayne Rooney will be able to a long time regret its antisportive control with England in Montenegro. Culprit to have given a blow to an unfavourable player, the English international attacker was expelled whereas its team, finally held in failure (2-2) but certain to be directly qualified for the Euro 2012, the advantage with the score had.

1. Ephron’s diction is much more informal than the diction of Douglass or Churchill. Cite four of these informalities.
2. How would you describe Ephron’s use of sentence length? What does she gain by using so much variety?
I have to begin with a few words about androgyny. In grammar school, in the fifth and sixth grades, we were all tyrannized by a rigid set of rules that supposedly determined whether we were boys or girls. The episode in Huckleberry Finn where Huck is disguised as a girl and gives himself away by the way he threads a needle and catches a ball-that kind of thing. We learned that the way you sat, crossed your legs, held a cigarette, and looked at your nails-the way you did these things instinctively was absolute proof of your sex. Now obviously most children did not take this literally, but I did. I thought that just one slip, just one incorrect cross of my legs or flick of an imaginary cigarette ash would turn me from whatever I was into the other thing; that would be all it took, really. Even though I was outwardly a girl and had many of the trappings generally associated with girldom-a girl’s name, for example, and dresses, my own telephone, an autograph book-I spent the early years of my adolescence absolutely certain that I might at any point gum it up. I did not feel at all like a girl. I was boyish. I was athletic, ambitious, outspoken, competitive, noisy, rambunctious. I had scabs on my knees and my socks slid into my loafers and I could throw a football. I wanted desperately not to be that way, not to be a mixture of both things, but instead just one, a girl, a definite indisputable girl. As soft and as pink as a nursery. And nothing would do that for me, I felt, but breasts. I was about six months younger than everyone else in my class, and so for about six months after it began, for six months after my friends had begun to develop (that was the word we used, develop), I was not particularly worried. I would sit in the bathtub and look down at my breasts and know that any day now, any second now, they would start growing like everyone else’s. They didn’t.
—Nora Ephron
Please Help I don’t understand. Question number 1 is a little vague for me and i don’t understand question number 2.

I’m new at this, but I’m finding that I can’t refer to your average fantasy football advice sites because our scoring system is so whack. Is there any style that this is most similar to (example: standard, ppr, etc.) and that I could relate it to? I know it’s a long read but thanks for your help!
Completions .2
Passing Yards 25 yards per point; 10 points at 500 yards
Passing Touchdowns 6
Interceptions -2
Rushing Attempts .2
Rushing Yards 10 yards per point; 10 points at 200 yards
Rushing Touchdowns 7
Receptions .2
Reception Yards 10 yards per point; 10 points at 200 yards
Reception Touchdowns 6
Return Yards 20 yards per point; 7 points at 200 yards
Return Touchdowns 6
2-Point Conversions 2
Fumbles Lost -2
Offensive Fumble Return TD 6
Pick Sixes Thrown -5
Field Goals 0-19 Yards 3
Field Goals 20-29 Yards 3
Field Goals 30-39 Yards 3
Field Goals 40-49 Yards 4
Field Goals 50+ Yards 5
Field Goals Missed 0-19 Yards -2
Field Goals Missed 20-29 Yards -1
Point After Attempt Made 1
Point After Attempt Missed -2
Defensive Players
Tackle Solo 1
Tackle Assist 0.5
Sack 3
Interception 5
Fumble Force 2
Fumble Recovery 3
Defensive Touchdown 6
Safety 3
Pass Defended 1
Block Kick 3
Tackles for Loss 1
Turnover Return Yards 10 yards per point

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