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How Should I Work Legs For Strength ?

How many reps and how many sets? I’m working out for football.

It’s best to have a tactical mind.

If it is over training, what changes should I make? Thanks!
Flat/Incline/Decline Barbell Press 3×10
Flat and Incline Dumbbell Press 3×10
All together that’s 15 sets for my chest. I do this every other day, and i’m doing this for football.

I went to a few pilates/yoga classes a while back and i was hopeless- depressingly so as i am 26 and most people there were 50s/60s. my balance was all off and i keep cramping up (mainly in my feet). the instructor told me i needed to improve my core muscles/core strength. This would help with my balance and would stop me cramping in random areas.
and i’ve been loads of work (sit-ups, light weights etc) on those green balls.
Incidentally i also play Football (soccer to americans) alot. and it occurred to me that maybe it might help here- as it will help balance and give me a lower centre of gravity. Is this the case?
A) will these excercises help my core?
B) will my Sporting ability, pilates + my natural posture improve because of core strengthening?

Im 5″9″ 245lbs and never played organized football only street. Also what positions do you recommend?

Strength Development Question?

I’m 14 and I play football, I play right guard. I can currently rep 115 10 times. If I work extremely diligently in the off season, around how much will my bench press increase by?

My friends said I wouldn’t?? I used to play soccer so I’m strong?

What are the advantages of having good abdominal muscles in goalkeeping?
Scientific explanations applied to the various goalkeeping tasks are preferred :)
(eg. a good ability to contract the abdomen is advantageous considering the necessity to recover from a lying position to a standing position with great speed after a rebounding save)

Hey im 13 about to turn 14 in a month and i just had my first weight lifting session for the freshman football team. My max for benching was 95 lbs and i could only do one rep, i feel like I should be stronger because im a big kid im 6’0″ 210 lbs, plus im going to be a lineman. How long before i’ll be noticeably stronger and will be able to bench 135? Also what are some tips to get stronger faster? If it helps we meet on monday tuesday and thursday each week. On monday we do lower body, tuesday upper body and speed training, and thursday we do crap like swinging sledgehammers and turning tires. Thanks in advance.

I would be in weights everyday with my football team but I live far out of town and work so I can hardly make it. I don’t want to lose my strength so I want something to help me gain since I can’t lift regularly. I also want to burn the last of my gut off. Any help????

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