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So they’ve just announced the new ‘Xbox One’. In my opinion, it looks ridiculous and all of the new features are totally unnecessary for a gaming console. I already know that we won’t be able to play Xbox 360 games on it, but does that mean that gaming companies are just going to start making their games for the new Xbox One and not for the 360 anymore? I was really looking forward to all of the new games coming out this year (i.e Call of Duty: Ghosts, Fifa 14, Battlefield 4 etc). Now I’m not sure if they’re still going to release those games for the normal Xbox 360? Does anybody know?

I think : semi-final or winner
and : return best team in 1 years ( 2013-2014 ) , next season.

First of all, Jovetic is fairly talented I’m sure, but with 12 goals and 4 assists this year, and 12 goals and 3 assists last year from what is (unfortunately) UEFA’s 5th ranked league now.
Hardly a world beater.
Jovetic is also injury prone having missed an entire season even.
In addition, if Jovetic was a truly class player, why on Earth would he even look twice at Arsenal?
No world class footballer would consider a move to a losers club to pick up no trophies every year for less pay too. If Jovetic is really going to Arsenal then rest assured he is not world class.
A certain Arsenal fan tries to convince himself that Cazorla is world class, but that’s laughable.
Arsenal, with or without Jovetic, will be out of Europe nice and early next year as usual, out of the FA and Carling Cup to mediocre teams as usual, spanked by Man United as usual, and will do well to scrape into 4th place, as usual. And if Jovetic does well long the way, he might get promoted to Man City’s first team.

I stopped seeding it… Where and how can I put the game, fifa 13, on my desktop?

Xbox please any help is welcome

Never manage Roman’s team!!! :D

It’s all very well having these big scary missiles around london (I’m looking at them right now from my bedroom lol) and we have soldiers on the streets.. But how can we possibly stop a couple of guys with backpacks from blowing them selves up in a crowded tube, pub, train etc..? Do you think something will go down during the games?

The Spanish team have dominated world football for 4 years winning Euro 2008,WC 2010,Euro 2012 and the youth teams have dominated u-19s,u-17s and u-21 European championships the Spanish national team just won the u-19 euro 2012 yesterday after winning 1-0 against Greece and drawing with France 3-3 and winning the penalty shootout to make them go to the final now they are the favorites to win The Olympic football all the Spainsh team from youth to the main team use Tiki Taka and Barcelona we all know what they won and they created Tiki Taka so which team do you think can stop Spain and Barcelona
For Spain I would say Argentina
For Barcelona I would say Chelsea and Real Madrid

i really miss his posts, he was so hilarious, factual and honest

i really miss his posts, he was so hilarious, factual and honest

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