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Can USA qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup due to their performance against Canada (0-0)? Can USA beat Honduras with great Honduran players like Jerry Bengtson and Carlo Costly? USA gonna have to do good or otherwise they will get beaten by Mexico when they play on March 26, 2013 at Estadio Azteca! Is USA going to do good with their squad (squad on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Stat…
BQ: Honduras v. Mexico score predictions?


If you agree could you please say why and likewise if you do not.

Why can’t Texas and California and Arizona or Illinois get their own national team, I know I will get a lot of stupid responses talking about America is a country not the states but think about it, England is part of Great britain and it has one, the European countries are part of their European Union they have their own, just my thought. It’s kind of a stupid, crazy i admit but think about it!

World Cups: 5
America Cup: 8
Confederations Cup: 1
Pan Americano: 4
Libertadores: 15
South American Cup: 1
Club World Cup: 3
Intercontinental Cup: 5
European Cup / South American: 4
United States
World Cup: 0
Concacaf Gold Cup: 4
Confederations Cup: 0
Pan Americano: 1
CONCACAF Champions League: 1
Club World Cup: 0
Intercontinental Cup: 0
So who is better?
I am Brazilian…


I am in the Navy but I also want to coach football at a high school or college level.

I mean Im looking at forbes and googleing things like angelina jolie and brad pitt have lots of money, and lil wayne seems to be rich the owner of google and businesses like bestbuy, apple, walmart seem to be rich and the football and basketball stars and even ashton kutcher is rich and ppl who talk on the news why is it we are broke if people have money it doesn’t make sense
like fifteen trillion in debt my dad says?

I never stop hearing the Sh@$ Europeans give people in the United States about their football clubs. I wen’t to a game in Seattle that had 64,000. Is that not tolerated in Europe? WTF?

There are only 3 cities I know of that have been talked about
Toronto: 1/3 of the bills season-ticket holders are from southern Ontario, so I think it could work
London: they’ve sold out all the games in London, but I’m not sure they could do the same for 16 games plus playoffs
Mexico City: football in Mexico is like soccer in America. they will watch it, but it’s not their first choice

Only if you are a legal citizen of Nicaragua.

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