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You watching this game?

I’ve been studying Chinese for abt 10 years now and I’m 16 years old. I am also currently learning spanish. In my opinion, spanish is a much more difficult language than Chinese. In Chinese, there are no tenses, conjugations for every verb, and the sentence structure is very flexible unlike spanish. For the tonal part, I have to admit I am very poor at it. I usually get the tone wrong everytime. However, I’ve traveled to china and Hong Kong and ive had no problem getting around the city. All the people understand me despite my poor tone in chinese. I can order food at a restaurant, talk to the locals, go shopping, ask for discounts, direct the taxi driver to where I wanna go, and have a conversation with anyone. Chinese grammar is much easier cuz there are no conjugations, genders in verbs, and tenses. Spanish is very confusing cuz there are also several confusing articles like que, qué, lo, la, le, les, ha. There are also multiple ways to say “you” like te and tu. The sentence structure is also way more difficult. I usually make errors in Chinese sentence structure yet the locals perfectly understand me. They don’t even mind about it. While in spanish, words that drive me nuts like la, le, les, ha, que, hoy, hay, qué, te, ti. The sentence structure is confusing and I always tend to forget certain words. When I think of,a sentence in spanish. It’s usually way off. If I wanna say mañana quiero ver al fc barcelona vs. Real Madrid en el uefa champions league or Leo Messi es mejor que cristiano por qué él es un mejor jugador de futbol en el mundo. I’m 100% sure people won’t really understand me in Spain cuz I’m certain I made a mistake in grammar for those sentences. While in Chinese, it’s more flexible so I can have a sentence in wrong grammar yet be perfectly understood. So that’s y I find spanish harder. Any thoughts?

i really hate spain (the national teams )because it’s not fair , they’re always winning no matter what , it doesn’t mean that just because thay have a lot of money that they can do whatever they want , they get the best of everything which leads to good results ,i mean , it’s football , it’s a game , it shouldn’t be about money , for example Italy can’t afford expensive players but still they’re the runner ups for UEFA Euro 2012 and UEFA Euro u21 2012 and UEFA Euro u17 2013 , so my problem is that everyone loves them and i hate that . i know this is wrong but i can’t change the way i feel about this , i just need a solution for this , i want to be right .

Uefa must be in tears. Spanish domination is done!

Would they rather have Juventus advance to make it easier for the Spanish clubs or weaken Bayern with yellow and red cards?

Come on just admit it, it won’t hurt you’ll still be through at the end of the day, you’ll just look like an honest person

I found it astonishing that PL fans want to flip things around when UEFA is in love with England. DId Wembley not host the CL final like 3 years ago? Why are they hosting it again? Well it’s because of the 150th anniversary of the FA you say, how long have they known that the anniversary would in 2013? Don’t insult people’s intelligence; if anything is fixed is UEFA love for anything English. ******* joke!

i think they are crap without UEFA assistance

Also what do you think the future holds for them?
Jonathan Viera
hugo mallo

I am not sure what song is that but I think it is a Spanish song because I came across it when I was in Spain watching London Olympics replay in the morning during the games. The MV was a story about a little girl learning rhythmic gymnastics and during the training she faced some difficulties. The MV also features a women which I think is an ex-rhythmic gymnast with golden hair. She helped out the little girl. The song should be sung by a band.
I would really want to know what is the name of the song.
Thanks so much!

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