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Because fifa 13 wasn’t the same on the vita as the console version is was like fifa 12

If anyone can link me uefa or FIFA rulings on this it would be great. A team can’t field a team

Refree In Soccer Duties?

What does he do?

Bayern is currently playing after they just won the champions league. I thought that was like the Super Bowl equivalent to soccer? So when is the off season for soccer and what is the ultimate trophy you can win in soccer

This was done in consecutive order ranging from 11th November 2012 up to 30th March 2013.He also scored braces in the consecutive matches in this series of matches such as those against Mallorca,Atletico Madrid,Athletic Bilbao,Real Zaragoza,Granada,Levante,and many others.However, he notched a hat-tick(4 goals) in the game against Osasuna.Can he do this in the computerized sense i.e in FIFA 13?If so, have you managed him for FC Barcelona he can set records in the process?Is there a way in FIFA 14 that they can reduce the rates at which he and other strikers pick up injuries?

I can’t find much information about this online. I am just thinking of the difference between MLS and the UEFA leagues.

ive been trying to find a channel that play UEFA or any other soccer games for that matter but i cant
i really want to watch games that Croatia or any croatian teams are playing in
i have a bell satelite
thanks in advance :D

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Millwall vs Crystal Palace
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I was wondering which team to follow as I am trying to get into soccer more, but I’ve noticed there are many leagues its kind of hard to follow which team is from where. Anyway if it helps I’m going to tell a little about me to see if it helps the decision.. I live in Los Angeles .. I play soccer but not religiously and I usually play defender .. I want to be able to watch my team play on tv… I don’t like teams that are too good like stacked with all star players.. I’m ok with a team that has a bunch of decent to good players.. My nationality is half Greek half American… My favorite colors are .. Blue .. Yellow … Black .. I hope all this helps loll please help me thank you! Best answer with most help gets points !!

yeh for now
but a spanish miracle ( as MADRID FTW says ) will probably happen .
plus if barca and real overcome the scores on aggrete ( real madrid more likely to do so) then it will show spain is the best

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