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What Are Single Matches On Fifa?

I hear single matches will be on fifa 14 and i was asking what it is?

I didn’t have Fifa 12 so I don’t really have a clue what they are

`it is a 2 stars or below and i am 3 stars now.
Thanks :)

Because lazy Indians are obsessed with ******* cricket and IPL.
Start supporting football,hockey,athletics……

Lack of Practice……Or Maybe Dey Dont Deserve It :P

So I like this guy. And I like talking to him. What are things guys like to talk about? He is way into football, and basketball. But I don’t understand 100% of each sport. We don’t have the same type of friends. He can I start making small talk? I want him to know I like him. Valentines day story. … But yeah. Please help me.

This is prompted by an answer by Shifty saying that his favourite part of footy was the magic moments, after a q by Yahoo about Didak.
I was wondering what your favourite part of footy is?? If you HAD to pick one
I think if i had to choose my favourite part would be the comebacks, just with the atmosphere and adrenalin and confidence that goes with it
your thoughts?

I have blue, ruby, soul silver and black versions. I also have two GBAs and my friend will lend me a second DS. I know that once you complete the league in Soul Silver you can transfer pokemon from your GBA games onto it via pal park. Is the same feature available in Ruby that once you defeat the league and champion you can trade with older gens of pokemon? I vaguely remember there being a guy on one of the sevii islands who talked about a machine for trades he was working on to do with different regions.

I will try and not make this a life history…
I am a single mom, worked for 25 years.. made enough to barley get by.. times have always been tough.. I am not prevented to work due to medical condition.
It seems the older my kids get the more unappreciated they are.. i have a 17 year old… seems to have a sassy mouth .. which is SO MUCH different than she was as a child up until about 15,
I have twins that are 10… they tend to love the good things i do like sports, football, gymnastics, softball and baseball, basketball which takes money out of each pay check to pay on these things for them….
why is it never enough… why the harsh words…such as halloween.. i can not get a costume… so i told them wear a football, baseball, cheer uniform they have…. no that isn’t good enough.. and told me.. well that figures that you wont buy a costume… .i feel very used and i bust my butt to provide…
my clothes are used, i eat dinner last to make sure they get their food first, i go with out make up in order to get my oldest hers, i make snacks for school functions, go to each and every sport event they have.. I am a wonderful mother… i am kind, i am there for them at all times…
does anyone else feel this way… where did I go wrong with these kids being ungrateful and brat’s at times.. argue with each other with no concern as to my stop it..
I need age appropriate punishments (other than spanking.. I do not spank my kids..)
oldest restriction, no computer, no phone.. will do.. it will be hard and i will catch Heck for it…but i can do it..
the little ones.. what can i do .. one of my little ones has adhd which makes her even so much more emotional….
I am just feeling i need a change to get MY house under control and ME the parent and what i say goes!
any advice and if no advice does anyone ever feel this way… :-(
by the way.. i do with with a father who doesn’t pay child support…. i rob peter to pay paul for my kids.. i give them my all.. but i feel so just trampled on

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