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Out of the two I’d say get FIFA 14 as it is way more enjoyable, CoD is just sooo repetitve now.
I agree with with ^ though as GTA V will be AWESOME

I want to know what you think. I want to buy Fifa 14 GTA 5 and also Cod Ghosts/BF4 not sure yet. And Maaaaayyybeee Black Flag. So those 4 games would cost 240 dollars or so. Imagine buying a next gen and all those together it would be an easy 650-800 tab depending on the insurance price too. So what would you do? Buy Fall 2013 Games for PS3/Xbox or wait till Next Gen Consoles and see what game is best with a budget. And please no spoiled children. If your parents are buying it then i dont need your answer . I want an answer from someone that works for their money and realizes just how much the cost is. Thanks! (:

Ok so i know im gonna buy fifa 1414/GTA and GTA5 but the thing is that with the new xbox one/PS4 coming up
i dont know if i should. They say it wont change much the graphics. Plus i wanna play it the day it comes out.
Advice?. Thanks. I think ima buy PS4 thou

Okay that sounds very bandwagon like but I’ll explain. I’m american and live in the US, and am a huge college football and basketball fan and played those sports. (I’m 17 btw) and all my friends play soccer and watch it, and it has really made me want to get into it, and I have already watched a good amount of games with them in the last couple years. Also I have been playing FIFA haha.
Anyways everyone always roots for barcelona or someone like that, but I have german heritage and want to root for a german team even though I do like arensal in the premier league. I like Dortmund, but it seems like they keep getting their players stolen from bayern, (lewandowski next..). I guess the delima is that I like that Dortmund is a great team but at the same time isn’t mainstream, but I want to see them be competitive when they play other great teams in UEFA that my friends cheer for. Any thoughts? will Dortmund just fade quickly, should I just root for munich because not many americans do and they will always be good?

Should I Sell My Hamster?

I don’t want to but I want the fifa 14 game and my parents wont buy it for me because i already have a crapload of games.

Wojciech Szczesny – 79/80
Lukasz Fabianski – 77
Kieran Gibbs – 79/80
Per Mertesacker – 82
Laurent Koscielny – 84
Thomas Vermaelen – 80
Bacary Sagna – 80
Carl Jenkinson – 78
Nacho Monreal – 79
Ignasi Miquel – 69
Aaron Ramsey – 80
Mikel Arteta – 82
Jack Wilshere – 83
Abou Diaby – 76
Santi Cazorla – 86
Emmanuel Frimpong – 70
Ryo Miyaichi – 73
Tomas Rosicky – 80
Lukas Podolski – 82
Gervinho – 80
Theo Walcott – 83
Olivier Giroud – 81
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – 81
Serge Gnabry – 66
Yaya Sanogo – 70
Luis Suarez – 86
Marouane Fellaini – 82
Bernard – 80
Julio Cesar – 81
Ashley Williams – 82

Okay so i got this problem which is i cant decide what i should do.
1. I could sell my ps3 and then buy the PS4 and Fifa 14 with it.
2. I could keep my PS3 and buy Fifa 14 and Black ops 2 and a year later sell my ps3 and Then buy PS4 with Fifa 15
What do you Think i should do? I personally Think i should get the PS4 on release, and so says my mom.. Just wanted to hear your opinions.. Sorry if Its bad english.

I am 14 and i have got a ps3. I played fifa 11 and was addicted to it. I use to play some gta game when i was about 8 and was adducted to it but it was on pc. I watched the gameplay of the last of us and i love it but i dont know whether i should get it or not.
Which games of these would you recommend me? I am 14 btw like i said earlier.
How much do these cost each?
Are they worth the money they cost?
which gta part is the best on ps3
And finally how to convince your parents to buy you ps3 games

I will be going off to college soon and I don’t know if I should wait for the ps4 or just buy these games when they come out.

I am currently on xbox 360, and have also ordered the xbox one. what should i do about buying fifa 14 and gta, i want to be able to play fifa 14 when its released but that would mean i have to buy fifa 14 for xbox one and 360

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