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i have already got board of playing fifa 13 heres some awesome ideas for fifa 14
uefa champions league i think E.A should get it licensed it would make the game more authentic and the groups and participents as accurate as possible and it would make money i hated having to recreate all the groups to make it realistic and it didnt feel like u were playing in a european competition
commentry i think commentry gets alot of stick there should be more options instead of the usual suspects i mean martin tyler and alan smith can’t be at everygame i think they should consider the likes of alan parry gary neville in the game as other options in the game or you could purchase them at easfc catalogue and they need to make it more exciting theres sometimes in the most exiting moments like when you clear the ball off the line or when you counter attack theres no exitement i know martin tyler would scream his lungs out in real life
update boots and balls
add a few stadia for lower league teams and for teams such as fulham and my beloved west ham they been the prem for years i think they deserve it and bring back the millenium stadium its still a football ground
include non league clubs
include shakthar dontesk and a few other ukranian clubs
unique player animations for the big players the likes of messi ronaldo rooney
make a david vs golliath match feel like a david vs golliath match i mean i was playing against man utd at old trafford as rochdale but i won 3-0 make it real difficult so it felt like you caused an upset and that you achieved something.
customize your own kits in career mode thats a know brainer
anything else i missed

Here is the link
EA- http://www.ea.com/overstrike http://www.ea.com/crysis-3 http://www.ea.com/sim-city http://www.ea.com/dead-space-3 http://www.ea.com/most-wanted http://www.ea.com/fifa-soccer-13

Utz Claassen, the shareholders of the German soccer club Real Mallorca, has expressed for the first time, the intention to take over the control of the island club.. If the former majority owner should find Llorenc Serra Ferrer until August a buyer, he would make him an offer,Currently holds 20 percent of the German club shares.
C Claassen made the announcement during the presentation of his concept “For├ža Vermella 2020″ (“Better Red than 2020,” in allusion to the dominant color of the club).This provides for the significant increase in the revenue of the club, the strengthening of marketing activities and the commitment of three international top players from Germany, England and Spain.
The aim of the concept is there, Real Mallorca to make 2020 the third force in Spanish football behind Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. This goal had already been spent Claassen, when he was entered in the fall of 2010 as a shareholder at Real Mallorca.

Lyon def. Apoel
Barca def. Leverkusen
Milan def. Arsenal
Benfica def. Zenit St. Petersburg
Napoli def. Chelsea
Madrid def. Moscow
Munich def. Basel
Inter def. Marseille
Barca def. Lyon
Milan def. Benfica
Madrid def. Napoli
Munich def. Inter
Milan def. Barca
Madrid def. Munich
Madrid def. Milan
For me, Real Madrid is just too good right now to lose to anyone.


i just do not know?

Haha mine was today in gym class.
I suck at sports (I’m a dancer and cheerleader though) and we were starting soccer today. We had to do relay races, and the one was dribbling super super fast from one end of the gym to the other. On my way back, I somehow got on top of the ball, and it tripped me. My legs like crossed and I spiraled/whipped to the floor, landing HARD on my knees, as my glasses flew off. I’m like super awkward and shy too, so it made it 10x worse lmfao. It’s 12 hours later and I have a huge bruise on my knee ;(
Haha how about you?

I’m bored and wanna real personal account story of a even which happened which you almost wet your pants and were scared. Let me tell you mine. Last yr I had soccer practice. This was actually tryouts and coach wanted to see who was reay dedicated and made first tryouts at 12 o clock am. A bunch of people showed up and practice went great. Both my parents work at night and told me to get a ride home. After practice since I’m so used to having then pick me up and due to how much fun I had I totally forget and waited about 15 minutes. Then I realized that I had to get a ride and everyone was already gone. Well not everyone, coaches were sill there taking but I could not ask for ride because it would make me look bad in a way. So I started walkin home at2 o clock because that’s when practice ended. As I was walking home I noticed a car circling around me. I knew it was the same car because this car was a black van with loud music. I got scared when I saw it started following me. I tried to run but I left phone at home andit was pitch black. I ran for about 5 minutes till i was out of breath. I started walking and was about 10 minutes from my house. About a minute later I saw car again, I tried to hide but there was no real place to. The car slowed down and I started walking again fruit to play it cool. As it slowed down fear ran through me. Fear I cannot explain. Car eventually stopped next to me and that’s when my hear. Sank. Driver was smocking and asked I I needed a ride and I said no and he kept insisting.he opened the car door and asked for me to get it and then I started running and running. Till I came home. I ran so fast that I did not know where he person was. I did not enter my home till my parents come home abot8 hrs later think ing person was going to kill me when I opened door to my house or something. I hid behind a car in someone’s driveway. Turned out ppl were criminals and they got arrested that night. Anyone have a story scarier than this ?

Please Share Your Prediction?

Character 1 : Haroum, a 22-year-old man with two tickets to a soccer match
Character 2 : Bob, a 22-year-old man who loves soccer but has a chemistry midterm exam tomorrow
Bob and Haroum are in a coffe shop at 3:00 pm. Haroum is trying to convince Bob to go to the soccer match.

I entered my son in The Sun’s competition to be a match day mascot at the CIS Cup Final Celtic v Rangers on March 20th at Hampden Park.
I was contacted today by phone and informed my 8 year old son is going to be a Celtic mascot at the final.
I am absolutely delighted and never in my wildest dreams would I have thought my son would lead Celtic out at Hampden against Rangers in a major cup final.
I know he will never forget this in his life.
Has anything like this ever happened to someone that you know or maybe even you?

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