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should i take the game back or is there a fix

I had a quick glance through the profile of Arsenal’s key players/regular starters and realised that, combined, Alex Song, Theo Walcott, Koscielny, Szcesney, Wilshere all have ZERO winners medals for their ENTIRE careers.
Van Persie has a measly UEFA Losers cup and an FA Cup, even though he sat on the bench throughout both finals, so 0 really.
Arteta, Gervinho and Vermaelen have a few pub league medals (SPL, Ligue 1 and Eredivisie are all garbage leagues and winners medals there mean nothing). Sanga has a French League cup, but again, pub teams..
Effectively, the entire Arsenal squad have no MAJOR honours winners in the ENTIRE squad, and will add Podolski, another loser with as many relegations as medals.
So yea, who will be next to leave this clique of utter useless losers?

Pokemon Episode Search?

I love pokemon but i am waaay to lazy to go through and look up all the episodes i wanna watch.
the episodes im looking for are the gym leader battles (including orange islands and the champion fight), all the pokemon league episodes, the episodes that misty appears when ash is traveling with may, the episodes that may appears when ash is traveling with dawn, and the birthday episode from johto
just the number is fine and i know its a lot xD but the titles might be cool too :)
i already have a site i just need the numbers/ names

So,i upload videos of the highlights of soccer/football matches.i like upload them d fastest.Coz when i search for that video,i find no ther video and after i upload it,i find only my video.But when i wake up in d morn,i c sum other video on top having 50000 views!
Like i uploaded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCnbkeeldL
it was d only video appearing “Real madrid vs rayo vallecano 6-2″
And everytym i refreshed,my video was getting around 10 views per second.But when i woke up in d morn and i saw my video,it was sumwhere down d 8 or 9th result and it just had 11,000 views.And the vid whcih was uploaded after mine was on top havin 50000 views!PLZ HELP ME OUT GUYS!!!

In the search of an attacker, the LOSC would think of Solomon Kalou, the ailer of Chelsea.

Wounded with the supply mains, Aymen Abdennour “is stopped for one unlimited duration”, announced Monday the TFC. The Tunisian, already absent in Nice (1-1) this weekend, will miss probably the reception of the PSG. Its fixed price is “almost certain”, according to a source close to the club.

i created 1 Website with moonfruit and 3 websites with wix
but people say wix are not search friendly and when i search my wix websites on Google i cant find my wix websites because its flash and i like wix its easy to use plus no programming
for moonfruit its ok when i search my moonfruit website i can find my website on the google page 3 tho and because its flash html like and i like moonfruit its easy to use and no programming
and i getting fed up of visitors not finding my wix and moonfruit websites on google
and is weebly a good online HTML Website creator and search friendly?
like good creating sports websites and music,download,social networks like facebook and more
is it search friendly like weebly websites getting found on google 1st page?
and i want my websites to be found on google visitors going on my websites
Or if theres a better online HTML Website creator and easy to use and no programming and search friendly just tell me
and my friend asked me to do a football/soccer website for him and i said yes and shall i do it on Weebly?

Whereas Michel Bastos and Eljero Elia seem parties to remain in Lyon and Hamburg, Juventus Turin is always in the search of a left medium and started again Fiorentina for Juan Manuel Vargas.Selon Tuttosport, the Piedmontese club would be ready to spend 10 million euros and a player, between Amauri, Zdenek Grygera and Marco Motta, to stick the services of the Peruvian medium.

If Didier Deschamps confirmed that it was always in the search of a point, Jose Anigo affirms that it will not be Alberto Gilardino.

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