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There’s this Athiest guy in my school who always bullies me about being a Muslim. He prides himself in researching Islam a lot and knowing how to hit me up on it other than the blatant, “you’re a terrorist” stuff. It gets kind of annoying and it bothers me.
For example, at lunch, if I have a little bit of food left and I can’t eat it, most of my friends don’t care because they throw away food, too, but one once said, “There are dying kids in Africa that’d like that food”, well the Athiest guy comes over and says, “Better yet, there are hungry Mujahideen in Afghanistan that would want that barakeh, eat it brother”. He knows all the terminology and principles, and it gets annoying.
He once saw me talking to a girl outside of my maths class, I was asking her what we did in class when I was out for a while, and he shouts from half way across the hall, “Hakim! Put your head down when you’re talking to a girl, you’ll commit zina. OH, IT’S HARAM TO TALK TO GIRLS. 100 LASHES!”
My friends and I were talking about the UEFA cup in class, when I got in a disagreement with one, and we started arguing as mates, and then the Athiest AGAIN goes from halfway across the class, “Surah al tawbeh says those who fight you and your brothers, you must retaliate”.
He brought a plastic knife and a chicken to class and called one of them a “British soldier” and pretended to behead it and talked in a Middle Eastern-Indian accent.
This hurts and I really want to drop out of school. He knows nothing about Islam. None of this is true and he’s doing it to make me feel bad about my deen…

I got cut form the JV soccer team, I don’t play club, played rec all my life, I won’t be playing club for another 3-4 years now, I’m only 13. Do you think there’s even a shot at going Pro and play for FCB or MU if I don’t play club or school!?!?!?

School Problem Help!!!?

okay i play piano and me and my school are working with the london chamber orchestra for the run up to the Olympics and our first performance is next week in london and i was on a school trip during this half term and me and a group of friends went just out side the premises and the teachers found us we didn’t go far we was 10 meters down the road and we had asked a member of staff ( who didn’t work at our school) if we could go up to the Leisure centre which is at the place we where but they gave us wrist bands and said off you go, and we stood under a heater on the side of the building because it had been raining and then carried on walking which we then found ourselves outside of the premises and then we got caught…..can the school stop me doing my Performance next week?? they do need me there im the only pianist and it would let everyone down if i didn’t go i understand ive done wrong….sorry about grammer and spelling

need help. i go to a school in london (islinton). i have heard that the 2012 olympic will make the school have a 8 week holiday . this mean it finishes 2 weeks early. can u help. i need to now cos im goin in holiday at the 8th and want to now if i would miss school ,,,,,,,,,,,noooooooooooooooooooo????????…

I don’t play for an official team but, I still play contact. Ok so I play wide receiver I’m more of deep threat receiver. Just throw it up deep and I’m going to catch it. So even though I don’t play for a team. I played for a team when i was 9. Im 13 now turning 14 at the end of may. So when once when I was playing with my friends I took a major hit and got right back up(hurt like *****). So like a few days later I put up a lot of highlights . Had a few clutch plays here and there. So my friends asked me am i going to play football high school for a team. I just said ” I don’t know”. What I’m asking is should I? I honestly think I’m mediocre to other football(american) athletes that’s at the high school level. Since I’m not all that built and not all that strong. So I don’t know. If football(american) doesn’t work then I’m going to try soccer. So try to help.

I am in 8th grade and I Play 1st string running back and 1st string defensive corner I have played football for about 5 years now I’ve played defensive line for the 4 years I played but I run a 5.88 second 50 meter sprint and I weigh about 125 lbs. Should I condition before highschool football to keep me prepared? Please help me out it’s my dream to play for this highschool I’m going to next year

Is it weird to wear a soccer jersey and shorts to school?
Tomorrow at school we are supposed to wear a team jersey or college jersey to school, but I think it’d look really weird wearing just the jersey and the jersey looks really good with the shorts. The team I support has gotten to the Champion’s League final for only the 2nd time in their history, so I was going to wear their home champion’s league kit. Would this be weird for a guy?
Everyone that knows me knows I’m a huge fan of this team, and if there’s any day to wear the kit it would be tomorrow.
Thanks all.

High School Football Size Code?

I know that a Wilson wtf1845 official size composite ball is an NFL ball code… so what is the code for an NCAA and high school size ball so I can buy one. Also I was looking for an nfhs ball what’s the code if you guys know what I mean thanks.

What Should I Choose For High School?

okay so I have my girly side meaning i like to get my hair and nails done then going shopping ,but i have my guy sides when i like riding my dirk bike or 4 wheeler,skateboarding,videos games. so anyway i want to should i choose cheer leading,or the basketball dance team,or jamboree football dance team.i am a hip hop dancers and im really flexible
cheer leading http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXQo4TTfE1E
basketball dance team http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ND9loPJIr3k&feature=related
jamboree dance team http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEymjmZtzDc&feature=related
i also go to a predominately black school and i’m black
just to know which one would guys like? i’m really not trying to impress them

Im about to be a junior & im 6’1 at about 230 pounds iv never playe football in my life i love watching it but im not sure what position to play. i tried out my freshman yr and they ha me on line men but then put me as a running back for various reasons i had to drop out before the season started but i just need help !

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