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Pretty much what it says in the title– I couldn’t really tell any difference between the two.

The cleats are the Saber Under Armour cleats here:http://www.underarmour.com/shop/ca/en/pi…
I need to remove the toe cleat without damaging it and the guy at the store said they’re replacable. How do i remove it.

Rugby Cleats Or Nfl Football Cleats?

Are NFL football cleats better playing prop in rugby or just normal rugby cleats better?? i need something that has a soft toe and with metal studs. please help me! NFL FOOTBALL CLEATS OR RUGBY CLEATS????

It only happened to Accrington Stanley in about 80 years but now it’s one or two a season in soccer. What’s going wrong and why?

Rugby union or soccer (football)
witch sport has more strategy & Technic

1.The project is to construct a 15000 seats in Nottingham Rugby Football Club.
2. Where can I find the related online articles?
3. Which construction company has done this project?
4. The Project duration is from 2007 to 2010.
5. How is the feedback?

I mean sizewise

But I find the photos seem very similar to what we already see in everyday newspapers.

Canada Rugby Question!!?

Those who play on Capilano Rugby Football Club in Vancouver Canada; are they paid to do this? Or is it a recreational thing?

what do you make of this?http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-14725…
scroll to the picture if you don’t want to read the article
i thought NFL players on average were at least 4inch’s bigger than Rugby union players. But the wages woah what a difference.
What do you make of this? Rugby rapidly growing.

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