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Falcao = Pure Class?

What a superb second goal. A player of his calibre deserves much more. He should be plying his trade in a competition like the Champions League rather than the lesser Europa League. Definitely in the top 5 strikers in the world right now?
BQ: Do you think he should move to a bigger club at the end of the season.
Q2: What do you think will be the final outcome of the game?

i think it’s 90% luck for english football players, tbh

My Life Is Pure ****…?

Ok, so i would like to start out by saying that im 15, and that i have social phobia and ADD. When I was in about 7th grade I was afraid to wear shorts in public because everyone would either stare or tell me or make fun of the fact that I was really skinny and that I had really skinny legs. A year past and I was still not wearing any shorts and very self-conscious about my legs, and at times even about my wrists. Come 8th grade, I was feeling very bad and didn’t do what I loved like soccer and swimming because I knew that someone would make fun of my legs. I would cry alot and just felt this horrible anxiety within me and always thought of killing myself, but wouldn’t because, my family is christian and Im scared to go to hell. By the end of 8th grade I was missing school, started losing all my friends never even had a girlfriend because I was to self-conscious about my body, and not only was I self-conscious about my skinny ankles but I was self-conscious about my skinny wrists. So by the end of 8th grade I would only wear long sleeve and pants. Summertime was approaching and I couldn’t figure out a way of covering my body without not only looking ridiculous but being able to handle the heat. And so it all began. Since I wasn’t going to school i had to take summer classes, but because i was so self-conscious about being judged, I decided to not go, and that led to me being locked in my apartment for the entire summer. To make a long story short I ended up locking my self in my apartment for a year without seeing daylight. During that time I was seeing a therapist, but I was so self-conscious that I wouldn’t even see her in person, I would have to speek to her thru a door. Finally she had enough and called the cops and I was taken to a mental hospital where I stayed for a little over a week. Finally I lied my way out, saying i was ok and ready to start going outside again. When i got back i started taking weight gaining pills, and started to get my confidence back, because people wouldn’t tell me how skinny I was anymore. Months have passed and ive made lots of progress, like going outside of my apartment, swimming, playing soccer. But because ive been locked inside my apartment for a year without communicating wit anyone but my mom, I lost all my friends. So now im a loner, and I only have 2 friends, but when I try to interact with people it doesn’t come natural to me like before. I get very nervous in social situations, and hardly participate in any social activities, because I feel like im not a part of this world anymore. I feel like the instinct to be social has been taking from me, and now I hate society, and the human race. I complain about life every day, and cry myself to sleep thinking of how I lost so much because I was stuck in my house for a year. And what hurts me the most, is seeing my friends, who I used to hang out with, pretend like If I don’t even exist. It hurts me seeing how there lifes went on, and they are experimenting teenage life. How I hear stories about them and there girlfriends, and thinking that I never had on because i was always self-concsious. So now im 15, wih 2 friends left, with social anxiety, a little self-conscious, and I feel like my life has ended. I feel like my life was taken from me. Like all I have left is the memories, and what it could have been. I cry a lot and sometimes think of ending it.
How can I go back to being me and moving on in life? How can I see other teens with friends without wanting to kill myself?

the game always loads right up and goes to the menus and everything but when i go to a match it just loads and loads and loads and never goes to the match…..it has gone to the match twice and it was a very short load time im not sure if its my hard drive because ive deleted it and all my saves and downloaded it again numerous times but it always does the same thing atleast i would like to know if someone else has the same problem any response is helpful

66 goals in 74 Euro games (almost exclusively Champions League) games
68 goals in 62 Germany games
14 goals in two world cups
365 goals in 405 Bundesliga games
And he retired early. Before he was even 30 years old (forgot the exact age).

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