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Racism – OK.
Punching other people – OK.
Stomping on people with pure rage – OK.
Spitting – OK.
Eating other players – OK.
Murder on the field?
These FIFA/UEFA and FA dudes need to grow some balls.

Gender: Female
Age: 14 (to be 15 this year)
Height: 171cm
Weight: about 50 kg
Physical Shape: Not bad, but not too athletic either.
Is it still too late for me to start training? I fell in love with this sport after watching London Olympics.
Thank you for your answer (if you answer that is).

What are the uniforms made out of? I’m specifically referring to the uniforms worn by national teams in the London Olympics 2012 i.e. the mens Brazilian team.
Its the type of material that is a little tight and not loose like basketball jerseys.
Thank you

Ever since I was 5 I have been watching every sport created whether it was basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, football, soccer, etc. Now its time for to go to college and I want to go under a major or study something in the field of sports. I wanted to know what are some high paying jobs in the sports field besides being a professional athlete, professional coach or anything related to being a sports doctor(I am not the best with biology but I can handle some biology or chemistry just not too much of it). If someone could list some high paying good jobs and what there yearly salary is i would really appreciate it.

My teachers ask me what I want to do in my future life, I say “I honestly do not know” but now I now I have thought about it. I want to train professional athletes from Football, Olympians, college athletes and my one true love, Basketball. I love sports so much and just want to help athletes get better individually. I want to earn fame around the USA like Idan Ravin, Ganon Baker etc.
I just want to know what path i’ll have to take to get there and which courses i’ll have to take education wise.

     ▄▀           ◥◣▂
     ▄█▅◤             ◥◣
   ▇█■    .  ◥◣   .     ▍
  ▄█▼▆█■◤ ◥◣         ┃
 .█ ▋  █▌               ◥◣
  █▍  ██▄               ▂▆
  ██◣ █▊ ▃         ▂▀▄▂▄▅█■
  ▐█▄ █▄▅▆▆▅▄ ▄▆█■▀▪■▌ █▼▎
  ▀█▆▇██▅■▀▊  ▼▊▀▀◣▎ ▼ ◢▎
   ██▅█▌▀   ▲         ▍ ┃
   ████   ▆▀▋▂▃◢▀▅       ┃
    ███▇▄▆▼▀■▀   ▀█◣   ┃
    ■███▀█ ▄ ▅▲▅◆▊    ┛
      ■█▋ ███▆▬◢◤▼▀   ┃▪
       ▀█▊▼██◥▎        ◥◣
       ▅██▇▆██      ▲   ◥━▪▬▂‗ฺ
      ▅█■▀■█▊     ▆■◤          ━▪▪▬
   ▂▅█▀ ■   ▀▇▄▲▆▀▂▃
▄▆▀▀■    ■  ▅▆▇█▇███■
▀        ▉  ■▀▀███               ▂
           ▋     ██▊         ▂▄▬▅ ◢▆▀▼
         ▼      █▊█▌ ▂▄ ▅◤ ▐ ▊▀▀ ▐ ▊
                 █▊ █▊ ▐ ▊◢▀   ▐ ▊〓▀ ◥▀▅▲
               █▊ ▼▐ ▊ ▀▇◣▐ ▊
                    ■    ▐ ▊

Like rugbyunion/league
I don’t think the amateurs and pros are really different as the amateurs teach you to hit without being hit an d also how to land eye-catching shots.
Therefore if you use this style as a pro you can become a world champion.

I’m 16 years old and about 5’7 or 5’8 and I can grab a 10ft basketball rim with 2 hands anytime. I actually play football instead of basketball but I always use the rim to test my vertical. I haven’t tried dunking yet but a lot of people say that I can. Also, I’m between 140-150lbs and I squat 350. Is this why I’m able to jump so high?

I am 13 (14 on Apr. 13 )
I live in the wilderness/ish part of Iowa
I MAY be a little too old to start.. : \
There is no really good soccer clubs/teams here
Our family is in quite a bit of debt, not wealthy.
PROS::: ( No pun intended )
I can get ( I have not counted recently ) approx = 300 kickups/juggles (I remember counting 295 )
I have a soccer goal in my yard/meadow.
I watch Premier League and Champions league soccer.
I play Fifa ( Yeah, I know this probably does not help… )
I would say I know the game pretty well altogether.
I would say I am well above average. ( Con, Pro? )
Well, what do you say.. Maybe I could upload a vid…
2 hours ago – 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
I have been playing since I was 5

Olympics Amature Or Professional?

I suppose everything in life moves on but I miss the true Olympics when it was an amature event.
Is it coincidence that corruption and greed seems to have become more involved in the games since it was high-jacked by the professional elite.
For goodness sake we are now going to have £50,000 a week footballers taking part. If football was going to be involved why are the true amature footballers who play for the love of the game every week not the ones who should be given the opportunity to take part?

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