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all my friends play it and have no life and our obssessed with it whenever a new fifa comes out?
is it like manager mode but you manage a team and play your friends
what is the point of coins? why not just call it pounds like manager mode?
i might start FUT if its worth it once the new fifa 14 comes out is it possible for me to beat my mates who pay for coins?
what are gold silver bronze teams?

Bayern Munich has a chance to win 6 of the following titles, Cups and trophies:
1. The German Super Cup against Borussia Dortmund.
2. The UEFA Super Cup against Chelsea.
3. The FIFA Club World Cup.
4. The Bundesliga.
5. The UEFA Champions League title.
6. The German Cup.
So which of these titles, cups, or trophies do you think Bayern Munich will or won’t win in the coming season or will the Bavarians will them all or not any under Pep Guardiola?

with the signings they hv made and players they have right now…do u think they can make it?
signings till now:- simon mignolet, luis alberto , kolo toure , iago aspas
players in current squad – steven gerrard, luis suarez , daniel sturridge , philipe coutinho , pepe reina, daniel agger , jose enrique , glen johnson , martin skrtel, jordan henderson, stewart downing, fabio borini, lucas leiva, joe allen ,raheem sterling , jordan ibe , andre wisdom etc etc
please answer

i need to play games like FIFA 13 (or the next 14)…pc versions.. GTA 4…etc

I was watching the game now against Wigan and the commentator was saying something about Liverpool qualifying for the UEFA Europa League next season if they finish 6th, I didn’t relly hear what he said but it was something to do with the other EPL teams winning a cup.

if its not glitching constantly then its crashing, seriously wont buy fifa 14 after this since this is one of the laziest made games i have ever played, i dont play many games on the ps3 but this has been the worst in the fifa series since i started buying them. the scripted gameplay is another issue, absolutely awful. dont know if anyone else has experienced these problems or if anyone really cares but hey its worth a shot

Why is not possible?

Why is not possible?

I didn’t know about RG until the London Olympics. The first performance I saw was Evgenia Kanaeva, her clubs routine in the finals. I fell in love! I wanted to do RG! I wish I had known about it earlier. But I want to start now.
My flexibility is average. But I can’t do splits, or any of the other stuff the RG gymnasts do. Is it possible, that if I train and push myself, that I can become good at RG?
Maybe even good enough to go to world competitions?
I know of a RG center 20 minutes away from my house.

I was hoping to find information about if, or perhaps when, it will be possible to swim at the Aquatics Centre built for the 2012 London Olympic Games? Is it possible to book pool time, or will they ever have opportunities for swimming clubs in London and the surrounding area to use the pool?

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