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i was just wondering because you know how the web app comes out earlier i wanted to buy fifa points on my ps3 using fifa 13 but would it get transfered to fifa 14

1.Will boxing ever split into two or more sports like American football and Canadian football are not recognized
as the same sport but are bassically the same sport?
2.Is kickboxing excatly boxing, but splited from boxing ages ago?
3.Are there different sports in boxing? Like some say boxing is divided into three sports, WBA,WBC and IBF. Is that true?
4.Will the sport of boxing ever die out?Maybe because of MMA?
5.Was boxing the most popular and watched combat and martrial art sport from 1890 to now 2012?
6.Is the word boxing used for some other sport or other word rather than the popular sport called boxing in which
boxer fight with their hands?
7.Is it true that boxing was the most popular sport in America in the 20th centrury alongside Baseball and horse raced?
8.Is boxing considered a sport?
9.Was boxing the most popular combat sport in the 20th century?
10.Are there any simmiliar sports like boxing?
11.Why is kickboxing so simmiliar to boxing?The ring is the same lenght and shape,they wear the same gloves,they
both have the corner?Are they one sport together? If not why are they so simmiliar?The only difference is kickboxers
use legs and hands boxers use only hands. Which sport is more popular throught the history and today?
12.Is it possible for someone to unite all the boxing organisation,federations,..(like WBA,WBC,IBF,…and AIBA the governing body for amateur boxing)and make a
governing body of boxing like FIFA is for football(soccer)?
13.Is there more money in boxing than in other sports?Are boxing superstars richer than other sports superstars?
14.Are amateur and professional boxing different sports?
15.Could amateur and professional boxing ever become different sports?
16.Will rules of boxing ever change drasticly?
17.Why do some boxers chose to stay amateur instead of professional career?
18.Will boxing ever die out becase of MMA or any other reason? So it would completly vanish?
19.Will boxing always be as popular as it is today(today its popularity is pretty much the same as MMA’s)?
20.Will boxing ever “evolve” to other sport?(for example boxers will be allowed to use their feet or to strike an fallen oponnent) and because of this boxing will never be boxing anymore but some other sport that has evolved from boxing?
21.Will rules of boxing ever change drastically? Like for example fighting would be allowed with feets to not only fists, or there would be an circle shaped ring not square shaped one, for example. Could rules of boxing change so drastically?
22.Was there ever an argument if boxing should be banned? Was there ever any major discussion if boxing should be
banned by any country? Like politicians meeting up and discussing if they should change the law to prohibit boxing?

which ones better and can you tell me which will have more replay value best answer 10 points

I got a season ticket about 5 Min’s ago for fifa 13 UT and it said i would get 24! ree gold packs and 20% off all the packs i buy.. i bought an Extra 1000 points and it is still charging me 100% and i only got 1 free pack!
i checked Yahoo answers for help and i come across a question saying i have the code for my 24 free gold packs were do i enter it.. were do i get this code for me 24 free packs and how to i make the 20% off work?

Hey Guys, Fifa 13 is coming out soon, demo has come out. So just wondering what are the best 4 teams in the game, you can add more if you would like but just make sure you number them :)
I have:
1.Real Madrid
2. Barcalona
3. PSG
4. ?
only want club teams! no nationals
thanks, any other input or your opinion will be great

I Preordered fifa 13 on the 1st of july which is coming out 28th september and canceled it today will the money go back to the visa debit card ? and will i get a email

For any game mode really, please put your line-up’s in your answer and rate mine (Chelsea FC) :
Lahm Thiago-Silva Terry Cole
Villa Mata Hazard Ronaldo

This looks long but it actually isnt! 10 points for best/honest answer!
My crush NEVER texts me 1st but 2day he txt me
Him: hey
Me: Hey
Him: wua:)
Me: Is dis sum1 on (my crushs name) phone?
Him: no swear:)
Me: ori
Him: wua:p?
Me: wtcn the X Factor.. U?
Him: playn fifa.. Ne news?
Me: nope u? My cuzn is goin into ur school dis year, (cousins name)
Him: ori
Me: ya ny news?
Him: no.. hul.?? (who u lovin? – who do u like)
me: no1 atm wby
him: no1.. Top 3?
Me: i dunno. Wby??
Him: u tell me 1st
me: no u tell me
him: im not telln ya
me: k i’m not either
him: dont soo
me: k
me: ok i’ll tell u my numbr 1 if u tell me urs.. Mine is (random lad i knows name) wby?
Him: (girl he knows name) hu r de odr 2
me: not tellin ya dem. U tell me 1st cuz i always tell u 1st
him: (girl he knows name) u?
Me: no1
him: u f*****g retart! I’m goin to tell evry1 u like (lad i sed was my number 1s name)
me: hu ya gonna tell? Fine i’l tell u my number 2,, (random lad i knows name)
him: ori
me: if u tell ny1 i like him and i’ll tell everyone u like her!
Him: ok do i dont care
me: k
awhile later
me: my 3rd one is (lad i knows name) u??
Me: PLEASE tell me.. I told u
me: TELL ME!
Him: what?
Me: ur 3rd person
him: no1
me: k. Thats actually not my top 3.. The 1st lad is actually 3rd and i’m not sayn hu de other 2 ppl are!
Him: tats y i didn tell u mine:) bye
he never text me 1st before and he never uses smiley faces,, but he always asks hu i like.. But before when i asked him snog or pass he said snog u? And i said snog then he said actually i wud say pass sorry
and ages before that he askd me to meet him (kiss with tongues) nd i said ya then he askd what age i was then he said i was too young and it wud be weird.. But i’m 13 since january and he’s 14 since february! We’re in the same year/grade as each other tho.. Does it sound like he likes me from dem messages??

basically i have a history assignment and we are allowed to use any resources which also means surveys and this etc. The basis for the task is how the 2012 London Olympic games have been held as a result of past events. I would like a few ideas and i would be grateful, things like tighter security to protect the athletes well being which was as a result of the terrorist attacks in Munich. things like drugs tests, the facilities, money, security, why it appeals to the government as long as it links to past events I’m not bothered be creative.
many thanks

i dont have a problem with messi, he’s an extrodinary footballer in his own rights.. but people labelling him as the greatest of all time, god of football etc… well thing about messi is he is wonderful, best dribbler in the world and better than ronaldo at dribbling..
barcelona however play football suited for messi. the passing, the likes of xavi and iniesta.. these two midfield maestros definately help messi alot, by bringing in others into the game, where the set messi up or get others in the game to do it to.. people forget that CRISTIANO RONALDO, won the top scorer in the whole of europe when in england at the premier league and ALSO in spain … yet he’s always shoulder to shoulder with messi in terms of goals.. but messi edges him not because of himself but because of what his team help him to get.. e.g champions legaue, etc.. 2 years ago germany beat argentina 4-0… and messi didnt score anything. ronaldo scored in every major tournament since he started. (euro 2004, fifa world cup 2006, euro 2008, fifa 2010 world cup, euro 2012)..
so again why do people overrate messi? do you think he is?

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