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ok guys i got 2 consoles and i really need the money every thing is in perfect condition no scratches on games all instruction booklets
XBOX 360 slim 250 gb
x2 wirless controllers
wirless steering wheel
guitar for guitar hero
halo reach legendary edition
skate 1 2 3
gears of war 1 2 3
mass effect 1 2 3
cod 4 5 collectors edition cod 6 collectors edition cod 7 prestige edition and 8
forza 2 3 limited edition 4 limited edition
battlefield 1 2 3 limited edition
medal of honour limited edition
lolipop chainsaw
tony hawk shred with board
fifa 10 11 12
madden 11 12
silent hill homecoming
resident evil 5
crysis 2 limited edition
halo 3
red dead redemption
batman arkham asylum and arkham city
max payne 3 collectors edition
ok so looking to get atleast $450 for this
fifa football
little deviants
resistance burning skies
madden 13
mortal combat
gravity rush
ultimate marvel vs capcom 3
jonah lomu rugby challenge
looking to get $250

National League champions: Chicago Cubs
Starting lineup:
1. Brett Jackson, CF
2. Starlin Castro, 3B
3. Andre Ethier, RF
4. Albert Pujols, 1B
5. Matt Szczur, LF
6. D.J. LeMahieu, 2B
7. Weilington Castillo, C
8. Darwin Barney, SS
Starting rotation:
1. Zack Greinke
2. Matt Garza
3. Edwin Jackson
4. Trey McNutt
5. Andrew Cashner
American League champions: Tampa Bay Rays
Starting lineup:
1. Desmond Jennings, CF
2. Hak-Ju Lee, SS
3. Evan Longoria, 3B
4. Ben Zobrist, 2B
5. Yonder Alonso, DH
6. Matt Joyce, RF
7. James Loney, 1B
8. Robinson Chirinos, C
9. Brandon Guyer, LF
Starting rotation:
1. Matt Moore
2. David Price
3. Jeremy Hellickson
4. Chris Archer
5. Alex Cobb
BQ: Who would win?

okay i’m from the UK and used to go to a school with around 800 students so quite small, but recently i have noticed especially in cambridgeshire that there are huge school’s notably sir harry smith community college wit like over 3000 students that’s not even in a city! i presume there are even bigger. but my question is getting at as a student how do you accomplish anything… like being the best at something must be bloody impossible i.e best at football, smartest, strongest, best looking etc is that not kind of demoralising and intimidating when there are so many people better than you ?

I’m a very good football player, starting at center as a red-shirt freshman at the Division I level but I have a few problems.
I have had two shoulder surgeries within 15 months, and I’ve torn my MCL along with some other minor injuries. The first shoulder surgery was to fix my labrum and part of my rotator cuff. The second was reconstructive shoulder surgery fixing just about everything. Both were on my right shoulder too. Oh and I’m only 18. Should I stop playing so I can be able to do things when I am older or keeping playing? I’m still debating it myself but would like some outside advice.
P.S. — My chances of going pro are slim but I do have a shot to playing center because the only person who gave me real trouble this year was one of our DTs who was just drafted. Everyone else was just like blocking high school kids.

Rhh: Great News Plus Quick Survey?

So i thought i had lost all 12000 plus songs from my old computer but i was able to find a program to extract all my files out of my Ipod into my new computer. If i couldnt have done that, after losing 5 years of music and memories…, i probly would have stopped coming on here and given up on producing. But thankfully it all worked out.
1. Do you ever listen to a song by someone elese and imagine what it would be like if you had made it and produced it?
2. In my opinion Nastrodamus ( not the album, the prophet ) is ______
3. Where does Pete Rock and CL Smooth rank all time in duos
4. Do you own a record player and vinyls?
5. Who is your team for Baseball, Basketball, football….and soccer if thats how you roll?
6. Whats your favorite sound in hip hop
7. Is Ice Cube in the Illuminati?

How Can I Watch Fox Soccer Plus Online?

I was wondering if there were any site streaming Fox Soccer Plus online?
Or if via sop cast (What channel) or another method I would be able to watch it?

{I know where you are going with this, but nooo man! I’m a NFL guy. No high-school or college football will satisfy me}

i have a collection of N64 games with the consol the games i have are
Zelda : Ocarina of time
Fifa 64
F-1 World Grand Prix II
Banjo kazooie
Banjo Tooie
Mission Impossible
Superstar Soccer ’98
Donkey Kong 64
Star Wars Episode 1 Racer
MRC: Multi Racing Championship
Star Wars Rogue Sqaudron
Mario Kart 64
Mario Party
Super Mario 64
Madden football 64
Wrestle mania 2000
1080 Snowboarding
how much should i sell them for ?

I have a fortec star passion + HD satellite system. the dish is pointing towards astra 28 and hotbird. can anyone let me know what cam cards i can buy for this system. what extra do i get with these cards? i would like to get some football if possible

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