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they have come a long way

Bolton wanderers in the uefa cup in 2007

Hopefully your team is going to play in the UCL and are you looking forward to your team doing well?

I can’t find much information about this online. I am just thinking of the difference between MLS and the UEFA leagues.

uefa might as well hand over the trophy now to chelsea

Hey. Ever since I was a small boy I had a dislike for soccer. Couldn’t stand it, never cared about it. But I bought Fifa about 5 months ago and it started an addiction. I follow the legues I know all the players, I even want to collect the trading cards. And I want to start playing. But I don’t know if its too late, Im 15, I should have started 10 years ago!!! I would like to be keeper. But I would like to have the skills to strike and midfield and defend. But I’m too scared to join a club at the fear of embarrassment through inexperience. What should I do? Not bother? Or pursue?

I like him a lot.

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Ashley Cole is the best left back England has ever had but he will be 33 come the 2014 world cup. Leighton Baines has been arguably the best left back in the premier league for the past 2-3 seasons and will be 29 come the 2014 world cup. He’s a 28 year old brilliant left back who has limited experience on the international stage. I think that continuing to play Ashley Cole is counter productive when we have people like Baines and Gibbs waiting in the wings. I’d say the same for Lampard and Gerrard too but we don’t exactly have a great collection of young mid-fielders.

he wont will he

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