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I can;t find it anywhere on the game

im hoping to buy it friday on either xbox or ps3

I’m doing this for a geography essay and I need people’s opinions. It would be great if you could give the reason why you think it was/wasn’t a good place to hold the olympics.

see when they upload new game or does anyone know When Fifa 13 will come out on psn store?
On the demo it said buy on sept 18 and when i click it says something about it isnt here

3rd overall!

Fifa 13 is coming out and i wanna be all set up for the ultimate season :D

I want as many gold packs as possible and as cheap as possible for the actual game. Anyone know any good websites?

I was wondering where the best place to pre order fifa 13 and also receive it early. I have heard that game and tescos do but what is the best?

I am looking forward to the new fifa 13 and iv just been looking online to see what the new ultimate team is like, its the main reason i buying fifa 13, and i came across some deals such as if you pre order from amazon u get 10000 EA points, pre order from game you get special addias team, i just want the fifa 13 ultimate team edition where you get free 24 packs and free packs for the next 24 weeks. where is the best place to pre order this edition and the cheapest.?

Even British gold medalist Mo Farah moved to the US he hated Britain so much. Why not a much better US city?

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