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Nope. I am from Brazil and all the clergymen here are thieves. Well, almost all clergymen in any religion or part of the world are thieves, but the ones here cannot hide it well.

The 2012 olympic games have been enjoyable, but the development has had some negative effects on London and the UK. What are some reasons the olympics have had some negative effects? Are there any changes that could be made to make the olympic legacy a success?

All the Events were in London :-)

For my art, the topic is ‘art with a message’ and I need to think of a topic related to olympics. It doesn’t need to be directly related. It could be to do with health and fitness. I was thinking body image and the pressures of society to look good. Any suggestions? :)

Do You Miss The Olympics?

Yeah so the London 2012 olympics and paralympics were on this summer. They were ALL over the TV, an after they ended, it was kinda like something was missing from my life haha!
Do you miss seeing the athletes being handed their medals with their national anthem playing? Do you miss seeing all the athletes representing their country and doing their country proud?

So after watching the London 2012 Olympics, I want to be an Olympian so bad i nearly cry just thinking about it!
I live in an area (UK) where there isnt a lot of options available and I am willing to drop college and train everyday only if I am certain I can make it.
No one understands how serious I am, any sports suggestions?

Also Some special moments in olympics and new records
plz help me i need these information for my home work

What is that bad impacts of the London Olympics

It has brought continued interest and funding for olympic sports. There have been some tangible benefits in the form of redevelopment and housing in East London. i think it has raised awareness in paralympic sport and some minority sports.

I’m currently working on a research paper and my topic is on North Korean participation in the Olympics. There are a few aspects of the topic that I’m having trouble answering properly. My main question is what does the government tell the athletes? They must realize how advanced other countries are when they travel to places like London or Beijing. Are they sequestered when they return home? How does the government keep them from telling other people?
I know a lot of information about North Korea is not published due to restrictions on foreign media. However, if you know of any scholarly sources where I can find this information please let me know!

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