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Is Real Madrid obtain the Spanish Football League championship?

Where Do I Obtain My Coaching Badges?

i want to become a football manager.
i want to know where will i obtain my coaching badges.
am daniel from ghana.
do i need to travel outside my country for these badges

He lives in India and wants to obtain the UEFA soccer license .
What are the requirements to obtain?

some in-form players are worth 200,000+ coins, how can I obtain them without trading?

I’m an avid sports fan. I am a 16-year old male who aspires to be a sports general manager someday, and while you may think this is unrealistic, it truly is my goal. I would be happy as a GM in either football, basketball, or baseball, where I am especially knowledgeable. Now I did extensive research on the backgrounds of GMs from each of these 3 sports. One thing I found was that a little less than half did not play their respective sport professionally or even on the collegiate level (nor will I as well, which is why I was happy with this information).
I want to know if there are certain steps to be taken that would help me acquire this job. My dad told me that this is comparable to just a regular business employee climbing the rungs of a company ladder, but I feel there is more to it. This does seem naive, admittedly, but I believe that being a sports team’s GM requires you to know someone, something I am hoping isn’t entirely true. Any information provided would be greatly appreciated, because the advice I have been given directly has been somewhat inadequate since I do not really know anyone who is experienced with the topic. Cheers!

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