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everytime i enter it through fifa 12 everything resets

WE HAVE NO DEFENCE!!! Chelsea played the sort of football which under Mourinho made them the toughest S.O.B in Europe. if we try that, we`ll fail `cause we dont have a defense, or a midfield congested enough… that said i döubt Chelsea have the game to take this @ Camp NOU

It’s a fact.

I dont.

Im Tired Of Working Hard For Nothing?

It seems like when i work for something im wasting my time cuz it seems like no matter what im at the bottom. I play football and lift weight almost everyday. I work out everyday. While other kids go out to the mall and have sex with their gfs or whatever im working out. While other kids out partying getting drunk and high, im working on music. I devote so much time and just get nowhere because i work out just to be behind cuz the same kid who drinks, uses drugs, and probably have 4 types of stds just comes in and still out do me in weight lifting. You think with how much i put in to it ill be better but im not…why?

I live in Dallas, Texas and hockey is my life. Me and my buddies from the high school varsity team go to the local ice rink and practice maybe 4 or 5 days a week. Yeah, I know I live in Texas so obviously most people obsess over football (which is lame btw), But up north there are some truly passionate hockey fans. Don’t get me wrong I think Canadians are great but it annoys the CRAP out of me when they laugh at the stereotypical American’s lack of hockey knowledge. The crowds in Chicago, Boston, NYC, D.C., Nashville, Philly, Detroit, Buffalo, Tampa, Pittsburgh, and San Jose are very passionate.
Not hating on Canada, but why do Canadians think us American know nothing about hockey? After all it’s the best sport in the world!!

Yes…..i was watchhing a video on youtube and there was this america who wanted to say instep but instead said wedge

I am sure all of you fellow Liverpool fans would like Liverpool to be back where they belong, in the Champions League… But I mean, we don’t have that scary European side we had back in 2009, the one that battered Real Madrid!
We have so many players ATM who have never played in Europe before! such as:
Downing, Henderson, Carroll, Enrique, Adam, Coates, Kelly, Flanagan etc… And that’s why I think that having qualified to the Europa League now, they are due to get some valuable experience that they will need when the likes of Stevie G and Carra retire and we are in the Champions League!

your favourite teams are ….Leeds and Man United, which important games are coming up for either of these teams that would be worth watching? Thx

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