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Its official that the PS2 is no longer in production and has been for a while (early this year). With that being said, the last game to release for it is FIFA 14. What do you think about it ending? I personally loved it. It came out when I was 3 and I’ve been playing all my life. From ratchet and clank to ATV Offroad Fury, this will always be my favorite console. I love the FIFA franchise, and may just get it on both my PS2 and my Xbox 360. Again, what are your opinions on its end?

Ok, well I don’t know how people aren’t asking the same questions as me! Fifa 14 is released is september, while xbox one is released in november. For the Fifa fans, that means buy fifa on the 360 until the xbox one comes out, then buying it again for the xbox one! without doing it like that, you will have to wait 2 months just to play it! How is this going to work? This hasn’t happened before as the 360 came out when fifa wasn’t as popular.

i’m ditching my PS3 and the future PS4, for building my own gaming PC and i’ve looked into how and prices and have a budget around 1,800 and basically looking at an
Case; Corsair Carbide Series 500r
Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth z77 intel series 7
CPu: Intel i7-3770k 3.5 Ghz
GPU: Evga Superclocked GeForce GTX 660 3 gb
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 8 GB DD3
SSD: Samsung 840 Pro Series MZ
Power Suppl: Rosewill Capstone – 750
would that all work together i’ve checked youtube videos about how to install and basic things, and don’t whether to get windows 8 or windows 7 with it, if that build works together :3 any help with a noob like me would be must appreciated
primary games i would use this for Planetside 2, BF4 when it arrives along with Fifa 14
also, would mosty likely be adding a after market cooler for the i7 anything else needed?

Furor Teutonicus is the famous Teutonic Bezerker rage that destroyed 3 Roman legions in the Teutoberg forest. Now Bayern Munich must use this intense focused rage to beat Borussia Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League Final in London’s Wembley Stadium.
Are you with me as we need to seek revenge for what happened over the last 2 seasons in the Bundesliga as Borussia beat Bayern 5 straight times?
Oliver Kahn often put his Furor Teutonicus face on and that is what we Bavarian fans must do to support our great team!

I want to go see my team play for the World Cup in 2014. My plan is to stay for approximately 14 days. Hopefully attend 2-3 games in between that time. 2 games in the first 16round, and 1 game in the next 8round.
Can someone share their experience? Possibly give suggestions on where to look for getting a fair deal. I know its expensive and I know I will spend some money, but I dont want to spend too much. My budget is $7-8k max. Is this possible? I looked at the FIFA official site and its very expensive, which is what I expected from FIFA.
Someone please help me out with your previous experience. Greatly appreciate it!!!

Im going to college this year around the time the new fifa is out and i heard that the new xbox is coming out to and im not planning on getting it due to college payments and getting a car etc etc but i have the current xbox 360 and am a massive fan of fifa 13 does anyone know if they will bring fifa 14 and call of duty ghosts out for xbox 360 and no just the new xbox? thanks

Got Any Apps? Kinda Need Help Here?

Can someone give me 30 game apps for the ipod. To download. Paid or free

Need Help With Denmark On Fifa 13?

Does anybody have an idea of a starting 11, I have a few ideas but would like suggestions thanks

Im planning on going to the world cup in 2014 and this will be my first world cup ever. Idk where to start so I need help in pretty much everything. I dont need luxury or any of that, just flights from USA to Brazil, hotels and game tickets. I tried looking at some packages online but I dont even know what im purchasing because idk what dates and cities will have the teams I want to see. Any piece of advice will be appreciated.

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